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Speculation – Are the Tribulation Judgments Caused By Magnetic Pole Shift? Slide Title

A few days ago I was studying the judgments we read about in Revelation.

It was this week that I also noticed an article on Drudge talking about “Pole Shift.”

Now this is something that I have been keeping an eye on ever since I have been involved in the prepper community.

If I was not paying attention to both of these topics, odds are I would not have correlated the two. But because I was doing study on the judgments, I looked at the judgements and realized that a good number of them could be the result of a pole shift.

There is concern with the speed that the magnetic pole is moving that IF it picks up enough speed that the poles will actually shift.


Agenda 2030 & UN’s Call For A One World Government

As you know from last week’s article, I have been going down the rabbit hole

regarding Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

I find it interesting that the UN has just announced that they expect to see a global government by 2030. Lifesitenews.com reported on this story, in fact, here are a few snippets…

The United Nations wants a one-world government in less than twelve years (2030)


Woolsey Fire - Directed Energy Weapons?

I Have been reviewing a LOT of pictures of the Woolsey fire in Southern California. There are a lot of questionable things I see. Many houses are nothing but literal ash, yet green lawns, trees, plastic garbage cans, other things effected by heat are still there. Just the structures and vehicles have been utterly destroyed.

I have posted a video of a bridge in the Woolsey fire area. NOTE the green trees all around the bridge, water flowing under the bridge yet there is a gigantic hole in the middle of the bridge with burn out tar and the metal beams warped.


Dems, Win or Lose - There Will Be Blood In The Streets

The general consensus is that win or lose, there would be revenge taken by the Dems. They are bullies and win or lose they will see it as their right to bring about violence. Violence on the part that they are the winners and we on the right need to be dealt with or violence because they lost and now they need to fight even harder.

So, no matter what, I strongly believe that we will see blood in the streets at the hands of these thug socialist democrats and their Antifa foot soldiers.


Building A Realistic 72 Hour Bug Out Bag

We have seen all the survival movies and read some of the really good prepper books. All of these you will see the hero or heroine have a “bug out bag” AKA BOB.

Whenever the good guy is faced with some sort of apocalyptic situation, they dug into their trusty BOB and pulled out that needed survival item that saved the day for them and their group.


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