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‘The Left Tries to Ban Christianity in Texas’: Sudden Spate of Bills Exalts LGBTQ Ideology Over Rights of Christians

A possible showdown over religious freedom is coming to the Lone Star state where, as one conservative columnist puts it, the Left is trying “to ban Christianity in Texas.” Some conservative Texas pastors are speaking out against upcoming state bills that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Texas discrimination laws. LGBTQ advocates say […]

Creating & Personalizing A Mini EDC Pouch

By Ray Gano EDC… you hear that term a lot in the prepper circles and it is starting to become more main stream. What is EDC ?  … Every Day Carry. I got the following email from a reader… Hello Ray, My husband and I enjoy your articles on Steve Quayle’s website and have found […]

11 Things You NEED To Get NOW To Survive!!!

By Ray Gano My name is Ray Gano, in my past not only did I jump out of perfectly good airplanes serving with the 82nd Airborne, I learned to eat bugs, snakes and yes even monkeys. I have also lived through several natural disasters. The biggest was the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that measured a […]

Why I like the .22

By Ray Gano Yep, it is true, I like the .22 rim fire bullet as a survival weapon. Now, I know that I will take a lot of flak but, the .22 rim fire AKA 22 is a great ALL PURPOSE round in many situations. Yea, yea the first words that are coming to your […]