A Morning Grocery Spree… in a Kilt

Ray Gano in his black utility kilt from UT Kilts - Kilt On!As some of you may know, I am of Scottish descent, American born, but proud Scottish roots.

Ever since I could remember I always loved the bag pipes and I always loved a nice plaid flannel shirt.

Fast forward to today and I run one of the largest kilt groups on Facebook where a lot of guys and a few gals post their pictures of them proudly wearing their kilts and other Scottish garb.

I have a number of kilts myself, but I would only wear them for special occasion. But finally, I decided to start wearing them day to day.

I have to admit living down here in Texas I thought that I would catch a lot of flack “for wearing a skirt.”

But come to find out, especially here in Texas, many people are of Scott / Irish decent and proud of their Celtic roots as well.

I find that the battle is in one’s head and not with what others perceive.

Yes, there will be the occasional hick or punky high school kid that will say something, but nine times out of ten, many people will be in favor of you wearing your kilt.

In my kilt group there is something called the “walk of fame” this is where a guy will walk through his local Walmart wearing his kilt for the very first time.

AND… when you are new to wearing the kilt, this is a daunting task for sure. But once you do it and you have 2-3 people come up and tell you how great you look in your kilt, then the confidence starts to come out.

THAT is what makes wearing the kilt such a great thing.

When a man wears a kilt, there is something that happens to him inside. There is this pride, confidence, macho-ness that seems to come out.

I am not talking about some ego trip sort of guy, but a man who seems to stand a little taller, has a wee bit more of a strut in his step, and seems to turn the heads of everyone around him.

It also isn’t some sort of “look at me, I’m in the lime-light” sort of thing either.

Now I have been wearing my kilts on and off for several years now, but this morning it was nice to get all the complements while shopping at my local Kroger’s.

I was wearing my blacked-out utility kilt with a brown pull over sweater, sporting my black combat boots and my black tam / beret.

I didn’t even make it into the store and some young men commented on how much they liked my kilt.

In the veggie area and a woman smiles and nods her head yes with approval.

Over getting some heavy whipping cream I am stopped an elderly gentleman and his wife and they had some encouraging words as well as thanking me for my service in the military.

I was walking up and down the isles getting my groceries and headed to the front of the store and another woman gave me a huge ol’ smile and almost shouted “I LOVE YOUR KILT!!”

I smiled back at her, gave her a thumbs up and said, “Thank you lass!”

From my experience, women loved to be called lass by a guy in a kilt.

So why am I sharing all this?

Because there is a power in the kilt. When a man dawns the kilt, he stands a few inches taller. He has some pep in his step and walks with a confidence that only the kilt seems to help bring about.

AND… if you have never worn a kilt, you really don’t have an idea of what this newfound confidence feels like.

I hope that more men start wearing a kilt and feel the freedom and confidence that it brings.

Plus, the extra added bonus is that the women love a man in a kilt, there seems to be some sort of magnetism with the kilt.

So, if you are reading this and you are not a kilt wearer / kiltie, get one and give it a go. It will feel odd and even daunting at first, but once you walk through Walmart and get a bunch of smiles and thumbs up, you will start filling your closet full of the wonderful tartan magic.

When you do, stop by our Facebook group and join in the rabble, post pictures of yourself and be part of a growing community that has a lot of fun and a true brotherhood of men who wear the kilt and women who love seeing a man in kilt.

RMWK Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/realmenwearkilts/