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Mr President – What Are You Waiting For?

By Ray Gano If you have not been paying attention, a number of conservative news sources has been “de-platformed.” So, from now on, these voices that were delivering news that we need to stay up on, are now totally gone. But that is not all. Anyone who is now sharing any of these de-platformed voices […]

How To Become a Master of Perseverance

By Ray Gano I have to be honest, I am really tired of all the bad news that is being fed the American public.  It really takes the wind out of one’s sails. But Tracye and I keep getting up every morning and doing the work we need to do. We have become really good […]

The Pitfalls of Compartmentalizing

By Ray Gano As many of you know, I come from a security / investigative background. When I research, I conduct it like one would conduct an investigation. I am one who constantly digs for the truth. Recently in my investigations of doctrinal ideas, the Christian walk, etc, I have discovered that somewhere along the […]

The Gano Medicine Cabinet

By Ray Gano I consider myself a naturopath / holistic practitioner. I’ve spent a lot of years building my knowledge of natural remedies – and I’m still learning, but I am so glad I made the effort to acquire a basic understanding of how to apply natural substances to the goal of helping people in […]

Q&A – What is the Shelf Life of Flour?

By Ray Gano Hi Ray & Tracye, Do you know what the shelf-life is of flour, and how do you keep it from getting weevils? – Peg Hello Peg, This is a great question, especially for folks who are setting up their food storage. To give you a short answer, it depends on where you store […]