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Put The Freaking Toilet Seat Down – A Follow-Up

Remember my “Stop taking the freaking towels” article I wrote a wee time ago?

Well, here is a follow up suggested by the lovely lady of the house.

It is 2AM and all of a sudden you hear a string of “colorful” words coming from the bathroom.

A few moments later the lady of your life comes back (read stomping) into the room and you hear the words…. “put the freaking toilet seat down, I just fell in!”

You are half asleep when you hear this and you did the wrong thing and that was crack an ever-wee bit of a smile.

The next thing you know is that you are being bludgeoned by a pillow over and over again while more colorful words are being spewed at you as well as hearing the occasional words about toilets, seats and them being put in the down position.

She then crawls back into bed and you feel a hard tug of blankets leaving you only 6 inches or so of blankets.

Do you move to pull more back on to you?

Heck no, that is like inviting WW III to take pace at 2:05AM in your bedroom.

So, you lay there stiff as a board as sleep takes its way with you again, as parts of you freeze as you sleep; while at the same time your dreams are being bombarded by flying toilet seats dive bombing you.

Ask me how I know this?

Yep… you guessed it.

It is the small things in life that you start learning or re-learning as in my case when you have a special lady as a part of your life again.

It is all part of learning that life is a bit of compromise here and a bit of compromise there. Some things you win and some things you submit to and roll with it.

Like the silverware drawer.

Me, I think of functionality and having the silverware close to the table. That is because I am the one doing the cooking.

Where on the other I am not the one doing the dishes, so I do not think of where the silverware goes when one is cleaning up the kitchen.

So do I dig my heels in and say the drawer stays, or do I think about what it means to clean up the mess I made while cooking so that the lovely lady gets a break and makes things easier on her while she is cleaning up after the meal?

My advice…make things easier on the lovely lady doing the dishes. It makes life a little bit more pleasant and she feels more appreciated for letting her do things her way instead of sticking to the rut you have been living in.

It is a whole new adventure of living, toilet seats being down so you don’t hear the dog drinking out of the toilet in the middle of the night, or the lovely lady falling into the toilet at 2AM.

Take it from me, life is good when one thinks of these things.

Hey… I have requested that my towels are not messed with, so I guess it is only fair that the lovely lady asks that I keep the toilet seat down.

This way I avoid being bludgeoned by at pillow in the wee hours of the night.

Yep, you are living the Mhor Life when you make a small concerted efforts for the lovely lady in your life, like putting the toilet seat down so that she does not fall in at 2AM hour at night.



So Where Are My Flying Cars?

A critical year has come and gone… 2015.

Why is that?

Because we were supposed to have flying cars and hover boards. At least according to the movie “Back to the Future.”

Did it happen?

Heck no.

I don’t know about you; I was very disappointed that I could not jump in my vehicle and fly down to the 7-11 for a fresh brewed cup of joe.

Do you know how long I have been waiting for that?

Drats and double drats!

Fast forward to today, Nov 1 2019 and you know what?

NO freaking flying cars!

Once again, I have been lied to by the movie industry.

I say that because according to the incredible and supposed “futuristic” movie “Blade Runner” we should have had flying cars.

Well, we should have had horrible air pollution and sucky weather and not to mention killer robots that look just like humans, but who’s counting those things anyways. But dog gone it we were supposed to have flying cars. That what the movie showed, and it took place in November 2019.

Now the one thing that Blade  Runner did get right is Siri / Alexa. You may remember when our hero, played by Harrison Ford entered his home he told his place to turn on the lights.

AND… you know what? I can do that to. “Alexa, turn on the white lamp” and presto changeo, she does it for me. I can also turn on my upstairs lights as well as the lights in my fish tank.

Pretty cool heh?

Now I know that many of you who are my age used to watch the Jetsons, AND what did the Jetsons have?

Yep, you guessed it… flying cars.

So why am I not including the Jetsons in this little “car-less” observation?

It is because the Jetsons have not taken place yet.

Yes, that is correct.

Do you know that the Jetsons take place in the year 2062?

That is forty-three (43) years from our Blade Runner year of 2019.

Just so you know, I will be 101 years old in 2062 and odds are good that I will not be around then to see the flying cars.

NOW… here is the good news. Rolls Royce as well as Austin Martin both are working on VTOL (vertical lift off and landing) vehicles. They are still in the development stages, but these are going to be flying cars.

BUT… being a Rolls or a Austin Martin, I will be priced out of those vehicles when they finally hit the show room floor.

Drats!…. and double drats!

What is the lesson of this story you may ask?

I mean if I can’t trust the movie industry, then who can I trust?

Thank god I have Siri and Alexa.

“Alexa… pour me another cup of joe.”

“Ok”… spoken in her sweet Alexa voice.

Stop Taking The Freaking Towels – Learning To Talk About The Little Things

The time has come and after running some numbers, looking at living situations, etc., my lovely lady and I have decided to merge homes which will help us both in a number of ways both emotionally and economically.

The interesting thing is sharing a home with someone new in your life. You relearn all those little things that get on your nerves as well as things that get in their nerves. Out of this come some form of compromise or sometimes not.

We have been learning this with towels.

Yeah, towels.

Being a foodie and cook most of my life, I like to run a tight kitchen with certain things having their place as well as tools for the trade.

One of those are kitchen / bar towels.

I have to admit that when I cook, I am a whirlwind in the kitchen cooking multiple things all at once and turning out an incredible meal where everything is nice a piping hot. Which is a hard thing to do without over cooking or under cooking the dish.

Because I am such a whirlwind in the kitchen, I tend to make a mess as well as wash my hands a lot. Because of that, I really dislike paper towels. When you wash and wipe up things as much as I do during the day, going through a roll a day gets expensive.

Thus, going to the white kitchen / bar towels that you can pick up at Sam’s at a great price.

Now the one thing I hate is having someone clean up or get in my way as I am cooking and then also take my towels because they might be wet or have a little bit of what ever from wiping up a quick mess.

Did I say how much I hate having my towels disappear on me while I am trying to do something in the kitchen?

Yeah… it really gets on my nerves.

Can you guess what my lovely lady likes to do right behind me while I am in the kitchen?

Yep, you guessed it… she takes my freaking towels thing they are dirty.


She also takes my towels in the bathroom…. Double Grrrrrrr.

This being a new relationship and we are getting used to living with each other, we have both vowed to let the other know when something is getting on their nerves.

Me, I am a pretty laid-back person but mess with my towels and well… I start getting a wee bit testy.

Instead of letting things boil over and keep pushing things down, what we have done is promise each other that we never go to bed angry or when we have something that is getting on our nerves.

I am not used to having this sort of relationship, you know; talking about things that bother us before it grows into a critical mass and we have a nuclear meltdown because my towel disappeared.

I must give my lovely lady total kudos because she does and incredible job of cleaning and organizing when I myself is a disorganized boob most days.

This is a great strength of hers and a major weakness in me. This one of those areas where we complement each other really well. I clean according to the 100,000 foot view and she cleans from the 6 inch view..

How did we solve this dilemma?

We created a rule…

#1 – Before we take it, make sure we replace it.

Now, together our house is nice to live in with everything in its place, including my towels.

This way if my lovely lady thinks my towel is skanky, she can get me a new one first before retiring the dirty one to the laundry heap.

This way when I am cooking or doing something in the kitchen, I always have a towel to dry off my hands or wipe up a minor mess.

So, what is the big take away in all this?

Talk about the little things in your life that may get under your skin right away or at least before you go to sleep at night. Always be honest and appreciate what your loving other is doing and find solutions that both of you can live with, thus making life not only good, but great together.

Oh in being wise in the way of towels, always replace it before you take it.

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to hear about, please contact me at raymond.b.mhor@gmail.com


BREAKING NEWS – Ebola is NOW in Texas

By Ray Gano

Ebola has hit Texas thanks to our open borders.

Right now, there are 9 and possibly up to 15 people sitting on the US/ Mexico border in quarantine who are from Congo, Africa.

Those are the people that they caught, what if there are others that got through?

My name is Ray Gano; I am a prepper and have been a prepper pretty much all my life. My mother was raised during the great depression, and because of that she was always a frugal person. She would can up and dehydrate food, always setting it aside for “a rainy day.” One of my most vivid memories growing up was during the economic recession we had in the mid-1960s. Life for us was pretty hard. I remember us going behind grocery stores and picking out old fruit and vegetables. We would pick mustard greens, black berries, crab apples, anything

that was growing on the side of the road we would stop and pick it. There was a butcher in town that used to save beef bones for us, and my mom would gather us around the stove and make “nail soup.”

Nail soup was a big deal back then. We all helped clean up the old vegetables, cut away bad pieces and keep the good parts. Mom would then have us carefully put the veggies we cut up into the pot. Finally, she would pick on of us kids to take the magic nail from the windowsill and put it in the pot. See, the nail was magic and that is what made the “Nail Soup” tastes so good. The real ingredient was the best of all; it was my mother’s love.

Another point when I was growing up was when my father contracted Hong Kong Flu. This was around the same time in the mid to late 1960’s. I remember my mom quarantining the room and keeping us kids away. Only she could go into the room and she worked hard to keep the house sterile and germ free.

Many people died from the Hong Kong Flu, which come to find out was a strain of H1N1 Spanish Flu. The same H1N1 that we still have today that many believe will eventually mutate again, into a more harmful form of H1N1.

Over the years I was drawn to home remedies, and back woods cures. I started to learn about all the edible plants in our area and also learned how to use them medically. As time went on I would buy books on the different plant always trying to increase my knowledge.

When I went into the army, I would always try to learn the different plants in the area and in Germany I was learning the flora and fauna that was offered there. In fact, when I was in Germany I would teach the men under my command how to use the different plants and such if they were put in the position to have to live off the land.

Once I got out of the army, I still maintained my interest in learning how to live off the land and also, the medicinal uses many plants had.

Fast forward to today and with the outrageous cost of medical treatment, I became our family’s first line medical care giver.

I started to expand learning about all of the natural herb, vitamins and other supplements that are out there.

Nurse Amy of “Doc Bones & Nurse Amy” introduced me to essential oils and I started learning more on how to use these effectively, in conjunction with my herbal cures.

Back in 2005 I diagnosed my son’s Type 1 Diabetes. Ever article, book and website that I was reading pointed to T1 but did not believe it till I finally told Tracye that we needed to get him to the hospital. From what I could tell he was already in the very dangerous stages of diabetic ketoacidosis.

We got him to the emergency room, I told the nurses what I suspected, and they congratulated me on catching it. They said that they see many first time T1 kids already passed out due to DKA.

I want to say that I am not a doctor and I have nothing but the highest respect for doctors. All the things they have to study and to stay up to date. I never thought that I had the calling to be a doctor, but I do enjoy the study of folk medicine and the cures and remedies our great grandparents once used. Many of those cures and remedies are making a comeback today. I think it is very prudent that those of us who are preppers have as much understanding about medicine as we are able. We need to return to having the skills of mending wounds, binding cuts and giving proper first aid.

I think the skill of diagnosing basic illnesses is also something that has been forgotten. It amazes me how many people do not even know the symptoms of a common cold and then rush to the ER thinking they are about to go to their grave.

I have made it a personal responsibility to be the best care giver that I could for the sake of my family.

To this date, whenever we are with our kids and grandkids, I am always asked to look at some cut or scratch or help diagnose some belly rumblings, fever or runny nose. In fact, my Grandson thinks that if I do not have my flashlight in hand when looking at that splinter, then something must be wrong. No matter what the little prick or scratch, I must look at it with my flashlight so that I can make the proper diagnosis and provide him the proper treatment.

Most times it all comes down to a little Neosporin and Band-Aid. Sometimes I will use lavender oil or thieves’ oil just to help it speed the healing. My grandson likes it because it smells good and is “good medicine” not the bad medicine that “tastes yucky”.

Today we have Ebola that is trying to break free from the boarders of Africa and getting to the point where it is becoming impossible to contain.

I think back when I was watching Fox News reporting on Dr. Brantly, who has just arrived in the US at the university hospital outside of Atlanta.

Dr. Kent Brantly, who is believed to be the first patient with the deadly virus ever to be treated at a hospital in the United States, landed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base around 11 a.m. August 2nd 2014.

The Ebola outbreak that is taking place right now is the largest outbreak in known history and has been going on since 2014.

Past Ebola outbreaks were not as devastating and the current outbreak. I believe that is because this strain of Ebola has mutated in one form or another like many immunosuppressive diseases do over time.


Because our world has gotten smaller due to jet planes flying all over the world, the probability of a virus crossing over into other countries has become much easier.

As with past outbreaks of Ebola, this strain is showing that the virus can live outside the body for up to 10 hours, which increases the ability to infect people. A victim who is carrying the virus could be walking around in an airport can cough, sneeze, spit, vomit and the virus cells will remain active for up to 10 hours on whatever surface they landed on.

That is 10 hours that tens if not hundreds of people could come in contact with those virus cells. Once the person comes in contact with those cells, all they would need to do is touch their mouth, their eye, scratch an open sore and that person is infected.

The Key to Living Through This is Prevention.

Once a family member contracts this horrible disease the outcome is pretty grim. Studies show that there is a 40% chance of survival where 60% of those who contract the disease will die. If you have not done so, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read my first book, “Survive The Coming Storm – The Value of a Preparedness Lifestyle.”

If people are going to truly make it, they will need to self-quarantine and if one does not have enough food, water and other items to ride this storm out, they will have to go out into the public more and more and that is exactly where you do not want to be. To go out into the public means that you will be exposing yourself to Ebola and the person leaving will have increased risk in contracting the disease.

This is why I wrote my second book “Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis – Preparing Now Before It is To Late” which is still a “best seller” in the medical book and nursing categories.

In this book I make MANY recommendations from herbal supplements to OTC medicines. I also make recommendations on getting Hazmat Suits, facemasks, and rubber gloves. At a minimum

having a N95 facemask will be a necessity along with bottles of Purell to constantly keeping your hands sterile. On top of that all of us will have to break that horrible habit of touching our face, eyes, nose or mouth. Do that during a pandemic and you sign your own death sentence.

If you and your family are not prepared by then, odds are increased in contracting the deadly Ebola virus. If you are only able to give subpar care to that infected family member, they will probably die and odds are good that others, including yourself will probably catch the disease.

It is my hope that this book helps you and equips you with information that will help you prepare NOW instead of waiting till the pandemic starts.

You still have time, do what you have to do and even if nothing happens, you have gained valuable supplies that most likely will be needed.

Every 100 years our world suffers a deadly global pandemic. The last killer was the Spanish flu in 1918. In 2018 it will be 100 years from that last deadly pandemic. This makes the odds extremely high that a killer pandemic is just around the next corner.

Ebola is Now Here in Texas

There is a serious Ebola alert in Laredo Texas after 3 illegals from the Congo crossed over into US Territory.

There are also 6 in custody in Laredo Mexico and what appears to be another 6 in Juarz as well.

This is 9 people confirmed with a possibility of 15 people total from the Congo who have contracted the Ebola virus.

This is serious.

How many people did these 9/15 people come in contact with?

Is it possible that there are now people in the US that came over the border illegally and are carriers of Ebola?

If so, then how many people have they come in contact with and then those people come in contact with others.

Can you see how fast this could turn into an epidemic?

On Friday, ABC News reported that the World Health Organization is claiming the Ebola outbreak in the Congo is of “deep concern, ” while stopping short of declaring it a global emergency.

Following a meeting of its expert committee, the U.N. health agency called for efforts to be redoubled to stop the deadly virus, noting that the recent spike in Ebola cases raises the risk of spread to other countries.

A public health official in Laredo, Texas, said 20 Congolese migrants were monitored for Ebola and other diseases in shelters in his city and across the Mexican border in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

“We have 8 Congolese right now in one of our shelters and a dozen in Nuevo Laredo,” Laredo Health Director Dr. Hector Gonzalez told the Laredo City Councilman George Altget during a council meeting on April 4.

So you can see my concern. How many people did these people come in contact with once they arrived in Central America?

In fact, where did they land? Did they land in Mexico from the Congo? Maybe Belize, Guatemala, Honduras?

If they landed in one of those countries, then they had plenty of chances to come in contact with a lot of people as well as people who were also crossing the border illegally.

Now, how many Congolese individuals did not get captured and are possibly here in Texas or have moved further up north to escape detection?

Again, we may be looking at a serious epidemic / pandemic.

Latest data indicates a total of 1,206 confirmed and probable cases of Ebola in this latest deadly outbreak in Congo which began last August, while 764 people have died up to last Wednesday, making the outbreak – which is endemic in the Congo – the worst in the country’s history. The numbers spiked this week, with 20 new cases on Wednesday alone.

The concern for health officials is that Congo is right in the heart of Central Africa and has borders with a large number of countries: Angola, Kenya, Zambia, Gabon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, Burundi and Uganda.

What To Do?

As you know, I wrote my preventative book about battling Ebola and you can battle it if you are prepared.

The key is being prepared NOW and not wait.

I have pulled together 10 PDFs that I will give you FOR FREE when you purchase my ebola book (in PDF format) for only $25.00





You can go to Amazon and get a hard copy for $25 as well, but you will miss out on these 10 incredible PDFs that will not only help you prepare for an Ebola outbreak, but also for flu pandemic as well as important natural supplements that we can take to help boost our immune system.

NOTE – if you do order the hard copy from amazon, send me your receipt and I will also send you the files as well.

All I am asking is $25, but if you would like to donate more, it would help. Tracye and I still have a shortfall to make up, so not only are you helping yourself, but helping us further our ministry and keeping people like yourself informed.

ORDER NOW With Your Gift of $25 + And I Will Email You The Special Ebola Offer


Please share this information with friend and family,
it might save their lives if there is a outbreak.


Somewhere Along The Line We Seem To Have Lost The Compassion

By Ray Gano

I got the following from a very good friend of mine in the ministry.

“I desperately need your alls help sharing these videos. Seriously.

I’m not sure if this will make a difference, as I’ve asked repetitively over the last few months here on my fb for help, and no one seems to notice or care. I’m not sure. Feeling pretty discouraged.

I also don’t get monetization. So basically, I’m doing this full time and not making a dime. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do this and not receive any support of monetization or support.

I told my youtube partner I may have to quit the youtube and go back in to the ******** industry soon if things do not change. No joke. I don’t want to do that, but it’s starting to look like a reality every day. My PO Box has been mostly empty for weeks and hardly anything coming in from paypal.

Actually, this has gone on for over a year and gets worse and worse.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I may have to close down my ministry and do other work if things don’t change soon. So please help in any way you can. I’m getting very worried. I love what I do here, but if I can’t pay my bills, I won’t have internet to do this with or a roof over my head.

So please pray for me and for this ministry.”

Here is another …

“Brother Ray – we have about 2 more months of staying afloat and if something does not give, Jess and I will have to close down our ministry. We don’t know what we are going to do and are horribly concerned.

Why aren’t Christians supporting good ministries like yours and mine? I just don’t get it.

Please keep us in your prayers and we will do so as well with you and yours.”

Several weeks ago, I sent out an email to a number of my friends in the ministry asking “is it just me? Are we doing a horrible job? Where are we missing the target?”

We have been losing support, but also gaining readers in a big way. After a while you tend to take it personally. Am I doing a bad job? Breath stink? Poor spelling? A lot of things run through your mind when the support starts to go down.

I have other emails from several other ministries basically saying the same thing “the majority of Christians no longer care about the small hard-working ministries out there any longer.”

So, the result is that many of these great ministries are having to shut the doors and close down.

Tracye and I were really starting to get back up on our feet, but we got hit with a server hacker attack in October and it has been a very slow recovery.

Back in March 2019 we lost all our data. That is 10+ years of articles and information, all gone.

Talk about being kicked when one is down.

We have over 7000 people who now are getting our emails and when I push my articles out, I figure that I am conservatively getting 80K views, if not more.

Tracye and I have a shortfall of about $900 every month.

I am aware of several ministries who are in the same boat as we are. All of us are out there working hard, sharing the truth and exposing the enemy.

So why is it that there are few Christians willing to support our work?

I mean I get emails all the time from folks saying that they love what we do. In fact, on some of these, I encourage them to please consider becoming a PZ Insider so that we can STAY doing what we are doing.

The answer…. crickets… silence.

So, like my other friend mentioned above, it is super discouraging doing what we know is the right thing to do and exposing the enemy in these last days.

Many Small Ministries Help To Grow People in Their Faith

It is ministries like ours that help people grow further in the faith. The reason is that we tend to “specialize” in topics and can drill down into said topics. This in turn helps the Christian individual grow in the topics and disciplines that the Lord is leading them to grow in.

In the past 2 years since we have been back in the US, I know personally of 7 ministries that have closed their doors. These were really great ministries and all strong watchmen on the wall ministries.

These are ministries that are no longer with us, so not only does the ministry suffer, the people suffer. I know of three occasions where I needed that ministry to help aid another person, but I could not push that person in that direction because the ministry was closed.

Believers Are Called To Help And Be Helped By Each Other

In my email responses that I got, a common theme was that Christians seem to not care anymore or becoming jaded.

When did we lose our ability to show compassion and help others? Yes, the majority of us drop the money in the offering plate and we give our tithe.

But it seems to stop there.

When you are in the ministry like Tracye and I, it is a lot easier placing yourself into the shoes of ministries that are really hurting, because you are somewhat there yourself.

I don’t know where we turned left instead of turning right.

This is the one thing that if I can challenge people in, it would be this.

We need to get back to helping each other again.

Tracye and I tithe almost daily. I give to a dear pastor friend of mine.

At times when I get a nice offering, I try to split up my giving and give to my pastor friend and then I try to give to some of my other ministries that might need a little extra.

We need to start caring about being our brother’s keeper once again.

It seems that many of us (myself included) have hardened our hearts, we need to take the time and ask ourselves why we have allowed it and work at melting and softening our hearts once more.


Believers Are Called To Encourage Each Other To Continue In The Faith

This is another thing that I would challenge those of you who got this far in my article. Let’s work at encouraging each other, especially the small ministries that are out there.

You do not realize how much wind you put in our sails when I get an “atta boy you’re doing a great job” email.

It seems that I get these when I am pretty down and those of you who do send them, they make a world of difference.

There are times that the enemy is really hammering us, I mean really hammering and I will get an encouraging email and at times it brings me to tears.

I often share those with Tracye and they mean a lot to us.

Tracye and I also try to encourage people. I get a lot of emails from people who are hurting out there.

Lots of people contact us via Facebook too and we try to encourage them using that medium as well.

Tracye & I Need Your Help

As I told you earlier, we constantly have about a $900 shortfall every month.

I have taken an outside sales job to try to bring in more, but the negative with sales is that sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down.

We don’t have a buffer because anything extra we have been pouring back into the ministry to get our website up, secure and email running again.

The hacker that took us out last year did a bang-up job and we refuse to give up.

Like many other small ministries, it is the small monthly support that really helps.

I mean $20, so many people allow that to just pass through their fingers without even thinking of it.

Tracye and I believe in what we are doing. We have been reinvesting just about everything to get back on track and put back what the hacker destroyed.

Please join us and become part of our PZ Family.


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Let’s work hard to reverse some of this jadedness and start reaching out to others as well as the small ministries that are out there doing incredible work but living hand to mouth every month.

Thing is, when these ministries are gone, well they are gone and the body of Christ loses a great resource that is needed in today’s world.

It is up to us, the body of Christ to stand in the gap and help. Tracye and I do it every day.

If you have any questions, please contact me at ray@raygano.net


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