How To Become a Master of Perseverance

By Ray Gano

I have to be honest, I am really tired of all the bad news that is being fed the American public.  It really takes the wind out of one’s sails.

But Tracye and I keep getting up every morning and doing the work we need to do.

We have become really good at the perseverance game.

How we have done that is by living Proverbs 3:5-6…

5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

So if you are trying to get out of debt, get a college degree, build a home based business, or stick to a healthier diet, many of life’s most meaningful goals require a great deal of perseverance.

Have you ever tried to tackle a difficult long-term goal and failed? If so, you might think that only certain people have what it takes to successfully achieve their dreams.

You’d be wrong.

Accomplishing what you want usually comes down to one thing… perseverance.

As you may or may not know, it’s not an inherent character trait, it is something that you learn…over a long time.  It is getting up and doing the work every day and not quitting.

Perseverance can be learned.

In fact, you’re going to start learning it right now.

What you need to ask yourself is “ I would like _________________________.”

What is it that you want to do? Do you want to learn a second language? Running a Spartan Race? Maybe writing a book? Or paying off all your credit cards?

Whatever it is, think about it and then fill in that blank.

Tracye and I have been talking a lot about this topic and how we have persevered in so many things in our life.

We have had a lot happen to us that I would say is not the norm. We have also lived in a lot of interesting places and done a lot of interesting things.

The one thing that has helped us preserver is “Baby Steps.”

Do you know that you can accomplish just about anything taking small baby steps and never giving up?

Here are few steps that can help you gain and grow perseverance.

Learn From Famous Failures

Babe Ruth

In 1923, Babe Ruth set the record for the most home runs in a season… while also striking out more than any other player in Major League Baseball. Over his career, he struck out 1,330 times, according to the Seattle Times, but rose above his failures to hit 714 home runs.

Thomas Edison

As a young boy, Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He did not have much more success in the workplace, as he was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive. Even as an inventor, reports claim that Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Happily for night owls across the globe, attempt 1,001 worked out differently.

So what’s the lesson here? Draw strength from other people’s triumphs over failure, even if you don’t know them and will never meet them.

Failure is not a bad word; quitting is the enemy.

I enjoy studying history and look at the successful people. They were / are a success because they embraced failure and did not quit.

Who knows, someday a person you’ve never even met could be getting inspiration from your perseverance in the face of failure. This has happened to both Tracye and I a number of times. It can happen to you too.

Write Down Your Goals & Create a Map To Those Goals

Sometimes we forget how powerful the human mind is. Believe it or not, you can increase the likelihood that you will do something simply writing it down and forming a plan in your mind.  If you can imagine it happening, your mind will find a way make it happen.

Michael Jordan, probably the greatest basketball player ever would preview the game in his mind and see himself doing all the things that he wanted to accomplish during the game. By the time the game actually started, he would be able to act out the “map” he had created in his own mind.

He wasn’t surprised when he blocked an opponent’s shot or slam dunked that ball. He saw it already and mapped it out in his mind ahead of time. So when he had the ball, his mind created the outcome and that is how he became one of the greatest players ever.

You can use this same technique to help you accomplish your goals.

See, a goal if not written down is just a hope and a dream. When you write it down and then put a date beside it, you will be amazed when you achieve it.

TIP – Use dry erase markers and write your goals on your bathroom mirror as well as your car window. This way your brain will see these and chart a course for you to succeed.

Focus on Short-Term Victories With Baby Steps

One of the things that can paralyze you and impede your progress toward achieving your goal is to focus only on the big picture. This is what I meant by saying to take baby steps. If  all you do is focus on the big picture you will become naturally overwhelmed and it will seem like you’re not getting anywhere.

Create a bunch of baby step goals that will get you to the big goal. Remember, perseverance is learned over the long term.

By achieving all the short-term goals, it will help you stay focused and remain successful with each and every baby step.

Your enthusiasm will keep you moving forward, and focusing on your successful completion of each baby step will eventually carry you to your goal.

Get Rid of The Negative Thoughts

This is a pretty simple point, but it’s one that will make all the difference. Your odds of achieving your goal, no matter how difficult, are always between 0 and 100 percent. If you succumb to negative thoughts such as, “I can’t do this,” “I’m not good at this,” or “I’ll never be as good as that person,” you will sabotage your own efforts and eventually give up. Which means you’ll have a 0 percent chance of achieving your goal.

Make a promise to yourself, from this moment forward, no negative thoughts from your mind.

Here is a great tool you can use to help you do that. Imagine your negative thoughts as little flies or mosquitoes that have come to distract you. Good, now imagine you have a flyswatter in your mind that will swat and flick them away from your mind.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be, once you get in the habit of identifying and swatting away those negative thoughts.

Stay focused on the positive and keep swatting those negatives away.

Your Mistakes Will Make You Smarter

NEWS FLASH… there will be times when you’ll make mistakes and fall to the ground. The key is to persevere and get back up again.

How you do this is having the mindset that you know you will fail and make a mistake, but you will not allow yourself to stay down and quit. By having a plan in your mind already that you will get back up again when that mistake or failure takes place.

What I do to help me is learn from my mistake or failure. I do an “autopsy” on the situation and look at where I messed up. At times I will talk to Tracye about it, especially if I can not put a finger on the issue. By doing these autopsies, I learn what not to do if faced with that situation again.

Failures are the greatest teachers for success.

This way, you won’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes and get down on yourself to the point that you lose your motivation to keep striving.

Having a constructive and forgiving attitude toward mistakes will help you heal faster and will allow you to use the experience to re-focus and refine your approach.

Let the Haters/Bozos Fuel Your Desire

As you work toward your goal, you will run into people who do not want to see you succeed. I call these people “haters” and “Bozos.”

Here is phrase I want you to learn… “Don’t let the Bozos grind you down.”

I have no idea why these sort of people come out of the woodwork, but they do. Maybe they’re jealous, maybe they’re mean-spirited, or maybe they don’t have anything better to do. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter… Don’t Let The Bozos Grind You Down.

I apply this rule big time when it comes to social media, heaven knows how many people just want to hate on you because of what you do or say.

If someone comes along and they are one of these drama queen bozos, then what I do is instantly block that person. I don’t think twice and debate myself. I instantly block.

If a person is being negative, like the negative thoughts, I swat them with that block button and POOF… they are out of my life.

NOW, when people tell you that you can’t do something, I know at times it can help  strengthens my resolve to go out and do it.

“You said what? Oh no you didn’t” and you go after it like the Energizer Bunny.

Turn Up The Radio

Music has amazing power to shape our emotions and therefore our actions. If you discount its impact, you will miss out on a tool that has helped generations of people overcome the toughest of challenges and persevere in spite of real danger.

One of the ways that I do that is by listening to KSBJ over the internet. It is our local Christian contemporary radio station.


Music is a great motivator. Music can unite people and help them believe in something even when all hope seems lost.

Use that power to help you on your own journey. Remember that the tone, tempo, and lyrics of whatever song you’re listening to will influence your mood, so pick one that embodies the emotion you want to have.

There’s no shortage of inspiring music — find your favorite songs that make you feel upbeat and confident, and listen to them when the wind is not so much in your sails or when you’re in need of an emotional or spiritual pick-me-up.


Tracye and I want to help more people. We have so much knowledge, information and experience and we want to make a difference in people’s life.

It is funny how much worthless information is in my head.


My hat is old
My teeth are gold
I have a bird I like to hold
My shoe is off
My foot is cold
My shoe is off
I have a bird I like to hold
My teeth are gold
My hat is old
And now my story is all told.

Yeah, my first ever poem I learned in first grade and I still remember it to this day.

NOW, if you can tell me who authored that poem and an extra bonus point to you if you can name the book.

And here is some insight, you just smiled because you know the author and the book and I helped bring a little joy to you in your life right now.

That is what Tracye and I want to do, help bring joy in people’s lives with all the information and knowledge that we have.

So, how can we share our experiences with you and help better your life?

Think about it and get back with me.  <<< NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, SO SAVE IT!!