I am the phoenix rising from the ashes. The only one that can do this is me, and it takes mental power to do this. Yes, one can have people helping you, encouraging you, offering you a hand up. But it is YOU who must accept that help, accept that encouragement and accept that hand up.

Reading Will Change Your Life

I am the phoenix rising from the ashes. The only one that can do this is me, and it takes mental power to do this. Yes, one can have people helping you, encouraging you, offering you a hand up. But it is YOU who must accept that help, accept that encouragement and accept that hand up.I am the phoenix rising from the ashes. The only one that can do this, is me and it takes mental power to do this. Yes, one can have people helping you, encouraging you, offering you a hand up. But it is YOU who must accept that help, accept that encouragement and accept that hand up.

No one is going to do it for you, you must do it yourself. YOU must stand up out of the ashes and RISE.

One of the ways you can do this is by reading. In this fast-paced day of digital bits and bytes, reading a book seems so antiquated. But it is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

There is an old computer saying… Garbage In… Garbage Out. In the computer world it is known as GIGO.

What happens when you put good stuff in? Well you get good stuff out.

This is why reading a book will improve your life faster than just about anything else out there.

You want to see change in yourself? Read a book.

Have some area in your life that is lacking? Then find books that can help you with that area of your life and start reading.

This is what I have been doing (forcing myself) to start reading again. I don’t know what happened, but I used to read at least one book a week. I have not done that in a long time.

So, guess what? I am starting that back up again.

There is one book in particular that I have found to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. It is called “Be a Bad Ass at Making Money – By Jen Sincero.

In fact, you can go on Amazon right now you can get “You Are A Bad Ass” and You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money” at a great price for around $18 or so.

Get her books here – https://amzn.to/2rj2y3L

I love how her book has drastically changed / impacted my mindset around making money, my life and my business.

What has happened over the years is that I have developed a toxic mindset that was focused more on fear than winning. In reading a few of the books that I have been reading, I realize that I MUST change my mindset. I MUST change that little voice in my head from a loser / fearful voice to that of a conquering / winning voice.

AND… the best way to do that is by reading positive and motivational books that fill my brain with good instead of negative.

What I have forgotten is how powerful the brain can be.

Do you know that you can accomplish just about anything you put your mind to? This is a fact. The key is that you must want it bad enough and be willing to work your backside off.

So what is it that I want again?

1 – To Win… win for me, win for my wife (soon to be) and win for my family!

2 – Show the world that I can and will rise from the ashes and I will win!

3 – Ensure that I have a legacy to leave behind that will enrich the world even when I am gone.

So how will I do this?

By reading books that will help change my toxic mindset and turn it around to focus on winning people / money-attracting mindset.

It’s so possible and when you are in this “winning mindset” it feels amazing.

Right about now you are asking… “OK… what books are you reading right now?”

Thrive – Arinanna Huffington

You’re A Bad Ass & You Are A Bad Ass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

DOT Com Secrets – Russell Brunson

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity – Dean Graziosi

I have linked these in from my Amazon store so that if you want to change your mindset, you can do that and by buying them from me, I can earn a few pennies as well.

All these books have been instrumental in changing that voice inside my head from the negative into the positive.

Again, only I can cause myself to stand up and rise up out of the ashes so I need the mental power to do that and make those changes in my life that will count and help me achieve the goals that are the desires of my heart.

If you have some great books that you have read, please share them with me, I would like to check them out. As time progresses, I will continue to share other books that I am reading and making a difference in my life.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me so I can hear from you.



Winners Don’t Always Win … The Keto Journey

As many of you know, I have been doing the Keto Diet for some time now and living a low carb life at least for the past 10 years. Been doing intermittent fasting for about the same amount of time too.

Now have I been doing this consistently?

No, there are times that I “fall off the keto wagon” but it does not take long for me to get back on.

Because I have been living a low carb, high fat, medium protein life, I REALLY feel the effects when I do fall of the wagon.

For example, from time to time I do cheat, but my rule is this…

IF I am going to cheat… CHEAT BIG! (and also plan your cheat)

Yep that is right folks, if you are going to cheat, you might as well make it worth while because it is going to take your body about 7 days to bounce back no matter how big or little you cheat.

So, you might as well go out with a gusto!

How I go out with gusto is with a HUGE bowl of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries.

Yes siree bob. Good ol tear up the roof of your mouth Captain Crunch.

As a side note, did you ever notice that Captain Crunch does tear up the roof of your mouth? It is so dog gone crunchy, at least that is the side effect that good ol CC has on me.

I also find the most expensive whole milk that I can find. Here in Texas we have a dairy called Promise Land and the milk is incredible. Extra creamy and thick. Really good stuff at $3.75 for a half gallon, but boy is it worth it.

I have this big red bowl with a lip on it so I can hold on to it really well, pour about half a box of Captain Crunch in the bowl and then douse it with the milk making sure that the cereal is just starting to float but the milk is not covering the cereal.

I also use a tablespoon, that’s right… no wimpy teaspoon for me. If I am going to cheat, cheat big and shovel it in. So, I try to find the biggest tablespoon we have.

Oh, did I mention that I am eating this at night, around 8:30PM? You got it! Again cheat big and blow off that intermittent fasting stuff all the while Netflix bingeing season 9 of The Walking Dead.

You know the crunching of Captain Crunch just seems to go well with this show for some reason…. Yep, cheating big and in zombie crunching style too. Nom… nom… nom.

I self-indulge in the good ol’ Captain and enjoy watching TWD as I am consuming my bowl of sugar coated, fake funky tasting berry essence of childhood goodness.

Is it as good as I remember?

I have to say that it is, and I am loving every bite.

That is till the next morning and when I go to start getting out of bed, I notice the my joints are stiff and I got this splitting headache from eating way to much sugar. My brain is not used to getting that much of a sugar infusion and it is revolting against me in the morning. It wants its bacon fat and it wants some now.

There is a penalty when you choose to cheat big and that is something that you have to weight out when you are living the keto lifestyle.

I mean you are going to drop yourself out of ketosis. Ask me how I know this? I went tinkle on the keto stick and yep… no color change at all. Ketosis has gone and left the building. Just for those of you who want to know, it took me 5 days to get back into ketosis and I was following the 20 total carbs a day rule too.

That is because I totally overdosed on the sugar and it really threw my body out of whack.

I feel it big time when I choose to cheat big. In fact, I would still feel it even if I would cheat a little.

When you are living the healthy keto lifestyle and you fall off the wagon, your body lets you know that you messed up big time.

I feel and kind of look like one of those walking dead zombies. BLAAAhhhhh.

That entire next day after I felt like garbage. Headaches, joint stiffness, lethargic, cloudy brain, all the typical symptoms of carb / sugar overdose.

What is my point in all of this?

Several things….

1 – if you are going to cheat, cheat big. You are going to through your body into a tizzy and it is going to react. You might as well go for the gusto.

2 – Plan your cheat. Do not cave into the cravings and call it a cheat. It isn’t.. you know it and I know it. By planning it means you have proper foods and drinks at the ready for the next day when you get back on the wagon and totally detox your body from all the garbage you put into it the day before.

3 – FINALLY…always remember “Winners in life don’t always win – especially when you cheat – what winners don’t do is give up.”  If you are going to cheat, realize that you are going to pay a price. It might be a really sore body with headaches, stiff joints and horrible sleep and it will probably mean that you will be out of ketosis for at least 5+ days as you FIGHT to get back into ketosis.

YOU WILL pay a price for cheating. This is why I say if you are going to cheat, cheat big because the price you pay will be basically the same either way you cut it.

You just have to ask yourself… is this half a gallon bowl of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries really worth the penance of getting back into ketosis or not?

Only you can be the judge of that and if you do choose to go for the cheat and two days later you stand on the scale or look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. Remember that feeling so that the next time you want to cheat, you may think differently and pass up that Captain Crunch, or half a box of Oreos, or a bag full of those little Debbie chocolate covered mini doughnuts.

You will pay the price, just get back up and get on the keto wagon again.

Now, if you have cheated like this, share your story and let me hear what you did and what your cheat garbage food that you chose. Also share what your body did to revolt against you for treating it so badly too.

Keto On!