As you know I am trying to rise up out of the ashes of a pretty bad nuclear event that took place in my life and instead of choosing to see all the bad and negative things, I am choosing to flip the picture find the good. There is an old saying, when life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aide. That is what I am trying to do and share the life lessons I am learning as I re-build.

6 Little Stories

As you know I am trying to rise up out of the ashes of a pretty bad nuclear event that took place in my life and instead of choosing to see all the bad and negative things, I am choosing to flip the picture find the good. There is an old saying, when life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aide. That is what I am trying to do and share the life lessons I am learning as I re-build.Life at times can get rather hectic and at times we forget what blessings we truly have. I wanted to share with you 6 little stories that I hope bring a little bit of happiness into your day today.

As you know I am trying to rise up out of the ashes of a pretty bad nuclear event that took place in my life and instead of choosing to see all the bad and negative things, I am choosing to flip the picture and find the good.

There is an old saying, when life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aide.

That is what I am trying to do and share the life lessons I am learning as I re-build.

6 Little Stories

(1). Once all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer, all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That is faith.

(2). When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them. That is trust.

(3). Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning, but still we set the alarms to wake up. That is hope.

(4). We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future. That is confidence.

(5). We see the world suffering, but still, we get married and have children. That is love.

(6). On an old man’s shirt was written a sentence ‘I am not 80 years old; I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.’ That is attitude.

Imagine what we could do if we had more faith, trust, hope, confidence, love and attitude.

How could we better effect our world when all that our world seems to offer is doom, gloom, anger and distrust?

Did one of these 6 little stories touch your heart?

If so how? Please share so that both of us can be encouraged and hopefully we then encourage more people that are within our circle of influence.

How did it touch my heart?

I am reminded of the time the children came to Christ and the innocents that they had. The love, trust, hope, faith, confidence and attitude of a child.

Sometimes I think that if we would find our way back to that innocents, how much of  a better world would it be.

One smile…

One touch…

One hello…

One act of kindness…


Be Prepared

There are a lot of things that I learned out of this mess and the biggest lesson that I learned is that I am not alone and believe me there were times where I was really feeling alone

Your Mess Is Your Message

There are a lot of things that I learned out of this mess and the biggest lesson that I learned is that I am not alone and believe me there were times where I was really feeling aloneI was scrolling around in Facebook and I saw a video that presented a great statement.

She said… “Your Mess Is Your Message”

That kind of hit me. How can my mess be a message?

As you may or may not know, I just went through a pretty nuclear divorce. Things got ugly and a lot of mistruths were told about me. As a result, I have lost a lot of credibility, clients and income because people chose to believe what was being said verses coming to me can finding out if it is the truth or not.

When this took place, my life turned into a mess… a big mess.

Now, I could have sat around and felt sorry for myself, or I could pick myself up, wipe the dust off and keep pushing forward.

I chose the later and I am pushing forward.

There are a lot of things that I learned out of this mess and the biggest lesson that I learned is that I am not alone and believe me there were times where I was really feeling alone.

I even felt that God even abandoned me. Then He gently reminded me of many of the biblical patriarchs who messed up big time as well.

The one person that stands out in my mind is David. Talk about a guy who constantly was one foot in the frying pan and one foot in the fire.

When I read about David and I look at the mess that I was in, things start looking a little bit better because David was constantly in a mess.

Once I started to look at things in a different light, I realized that I had my family, my friends and a number of people reaching out to me who have been in the same mess that I have been in, letting me know that things will get better.

I also realized that even with all the mess that I was in, I still had God on my side telling me that yeah, it was a mess, but he was going to help me get out of the mess.

And you know what? He has kept His word.

It is amazing to me how many people want to kick you when you are down. But that is not all, they then want to drag you to the center of town and burn you at the stake.

They also do not want to hear your side of the story either. That is part of the mess that is the most bothersome.

But again, I am reminded at those who are at my side, helping me, standing beside me, supporting me and my efforts. With all the mess that has taken place, I have to say that I am rather blessed at how well God has taken care of the mess and together we have done some positive cleaning up of it all.

At one time I thought all was down the toilet but stepping back I really realize how blessed I have become, and it is all because I shared my mess with those who care.

Out of all of this I have learned that I have a pretty positive message to share with people. I survived a lot and because of that, I am that phoenix rising from the ashes. It is my hope and prayer that when people see me and see what I have been through that it gives them hope and they realize that they don’t have it as bad after all.

SO what mess is your message?

How are you able to share your mess and how you have survived encouraging others?

There are people out there that need positive encouragement, heck with all the negative and bad news that is going on out in the world, a little positiveness can go a long way.

Share a mess that you have been in and share the positive that you learned out of that mess and make that mess your message.

If you would like to share with me, please contact me and let me read about your mess and message.


Be Prepared

Being helps you to be in the here and now. By being present, by noticing what you do have and you stopping to acknowledge it.

Being Grateful Till The End of The Year

Being helps you to be in the here and now. By being present, by noticing what you do have and you stopping to acknowledge it.Some of you know that I belong to an accountability group that we call “Warrior.” I have about 20+ guys that are in this group and we tell it like it is. If someone spots that we are slacking or such, then someone will usually call that person on the carpet and make them spill the beans and get real.

Today one of our members proposed a challenge that I thought was very worth while and something that I am going to push myself to do.

What is the challenge?

To post something that we are grateful for every day till the end of the year.

It sounds easy, but it takes discipline to do something every day when it is not part of your normal routine.

How do you combat this?

You make it part of your daily routine.

I have been reading Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi and in it he talks about having an attitude of gratitude. It is one of the successful habits that the wealthy have.

Now normally I am a pretty disciplined person, I have had to become one if I was going to work from home.

What is hard is adding to one’s daily routine. It sounds easy, but it is more difficult than one would think.

The good thing is that I do have a great morning routine that I do called “Core 4” where I spend an hour first thing in the morning just for me and my own personal improvement.

I have two areas one is BEING and the other BALANCE.

With BEING I am taking time to talk to God, meditate, journal ect

With BALANCE I am taking time for those I love and care, in that I try to bring loving value into their day. I might send a text, a private message or leave a post it note for them to find.

It is one of these two areas that I will add my “attitude for gratitude” exercise and it is my hope that in doing this for 30+ days, it will become habit and I will carry it over into the new year.

What am I grateful for today?

I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who support and stand beside me.

I am thankful to God for allowing such good people in my life. They look out for me, encourage me and even kick me in the rear when I need it… and at times I need it too.

So now I have put a plan in place and every day when I do my Core 4 I will add to it my attitude for gratitude. In doing it this way, I should be able to maintain this till the end of the year with the hopes that I will continue it into the next year.

I know that some of you are out there asking, “Why is it important to be grateful?”

Believe it or not, there are some real benefits for being grateful…

The Benefits To Being Grateful

1 – It helps you to be in the here and now. By being present, by noticing what you do have and you stopping to acknowledge it. Stop and smell the roses and count your blessings. You can be grateful for the person you are with at that moment, having a roof over your head, having food to eat, even taking that last breath that you just took. Stop in the here and now and be grateful for just a moment.  Believe me it is easier said than done.

2 – Being grateful has the power to change your mood almost instantly from a negative outlook to positive outlook. Good feelings and a positive attitude arise when you start acknowledging what you are grateful for.

3 – Being grateful and verbalizing it wakes up the universe and the universe wants to see you succeed. Quantum physics applied to a positive thinking state show that the “ripples / vibrations” your thoughts make affect and modify the reality around you.

Example – you want to be happy? Start saying / thinking happy things about yourself and your environment. Soon you will see that you are happy and you are enjoying your environment. In fact, you will have an abundance of happiness because when you do this, the universe wants to step up and help you make that so.

It is said that the first seventeen seconds of any thought are the most powerful, and they create enough energy to start attracting what you are thinking of into your life.

What you do not want to do is think in the negative, but be grateful, thankful and appreciate what God has given you in mind, body, soul and spirit.

I challenge you to accept my attitude of gratitude 30+ day challenge and see how these next 30+ days will change your life for the better.

On New Years Day, I will come back to this and share how my life has changed and I would like to hear how your life has changed as well.



If You Only Had 24 Hours, What Would You Do First?

This was an interesting question that was posed to me by one of my mentors.

I have to say that it really gave me pause for thought.

I know that I would want to do something that would mean a lot to those around me and who loved me. I also would not want to go blow a bunch of money on superficial things that will not amount to a hill of beans down the road, or for those I am leaving behind.

So, what would you do?

Me, as I pondered the question, and I have to admit that it was kind of a tough one.

On one side I guess having a time and day of when you pass on as well as the freedom to do what you wish on that day is in my eyes a blessing of sorts.

On the flip side, you know that day and hour you are going to pass on and can really be a bummer, that is if you do not believe in heaven and just being returned to the universe.

I must admit that facing the great unknown is scary, but one of the best books that I have read is titled “ The Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved.”

Here is what Amazon says about the book….

Originally published in 1898, the Dying Testimonies Of Saved And Unsaved were the product of a bold and extensive research project undertaken by the author. Shaw wished to collect and exhibit a range of different words and sentiments delivered by Christians and sinners as they lay close to the threshold of death, to demonstrate how some people die at peace while others die in the throes of fear, anger or sorrow.

Some of the testimonies are derived from illustrious historical figures such as Sir Francis Newport and Cardinal Wosley, whilst others were sourced from ordinary Christians and non-believers on their deathbeds. A common theme throughout the book is the tone and topics undertaken by the terminally ill or expiring believers – in most cases, these testimonies evidence an inner peace and a willingness to join with the Lord in Heaven.

Conversely, those who have committed evil deeds or refused to believe or otherwise assent to the power of God are seen to be prey to various negative emotions. One man, a known local infidel who refused all religious guidance, lets out enraged cries of ‘Hell and damnation!’ repeatedly until he abruptly falls back and perishes.

The 236 testimonies collected in this extensive edition are of varying length; some are brief, consisting only of a few words from the dying person and observations of their condition. Others however are lengthy, with philosophical or spiritual thoughts upon the nature of life and death and the impending departure.

Personally, this book is one of those great books that will help strengthen you. I know that it has me and it has given me some solace it what is to come.

How I Would Spend My Day

1 – Get up in the morning and do the best Core 4 I have ever done and pour my all into it. I will need the power, energy and that a good Core 4 provides.

1a – Enjoy a nice breakfast with a couple eggs, prosciutto ham, melon, as well as some fresh English muffins, wonderful grass-fed butter and some nice berry preserves. All this along with the lovely lady as we sip some incredible Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee from our French coffee press.

2 – Call everyone I care about and tell them that I love them and what an impact they made on my life and spend some quality time with them over the phone.

This may seem silly but go test drive a few of my dream cars like the Lexus LC 500, Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera, McLaren GT, and possibly the Maserati GranTurismo. I say possibly because I have test driven one in the past and really enjoyed the drive. Push that “sport” button and it flies off the line with its naturally aspirated V-8.

3 – This may seem silly but go test drive a few of my dream cars like the Lexus LC 500, Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera, McLaren GT, and possibly the Maserati GranTurismo. I say possibly because I have test driven one in the past and really enjoyed the drive. Push that “sport” button and it flies off the line with its naturally aspirated V-8.

Here is an article of the 20 best luxury touring cars. Is there one that stands out in your mind?

4 – Invite those who are close by over to my place so we can enjoy a wonderful meal together. The meal would consist of really good selection of meats, cheeses and condiments aka Charcuterie.

To get an idea, here is a good article…

4a – While we are enjoying the food, also enjoy some good wines followed up by port and fine scotch. Both helps settle the stomach and are a good match to the charcuterie meal.

4b – As we enjoy the food and libations, talk about days gone by and all the heart felt moments that we all remember as the best-ever moments of our life as we sit by the fireplace enjoying the warmth.

5 – I would make sure that I spent close quality time with my lovely lady letting her know how much I love her and cherish her.

6 – Ensure that I had a legacy to leave behind. Of course this is something that I would work on building prior, but it is a goal that I would like to attain so that I can share a legacy with loved one.

I know that this is a hard topic to talk about, at least it has been for me. Personally I know that I am missing points on what I would do in that 24 hour period and I may keep this article as a work in progress and continue to add to my list and things pop into my head.

What I would like to hear from you is what you would do with your last 24 hours, how would you spend them, who would you share time with, etc?

I really am interested in hearing from you, so please share your thoughts.


Don’t Wait Until It Is To Late,
Start Your Prepping Today!

Be Prepared


Somewhere Along The Line We Seem To Have Lost The Compassion

By Ray Gano

I got the following from a very good friend of mine in the ministry.

“I desperately need your alls help sharing these videos. Seriously.

I’m not sure if this will make a difference, as I’ve asked repetitively over the last few months here on my fb for help, and no one seems to notice or care. I’m not sure. Feeling pretty discouraged.

I also don’t get monetization. So basically, I’m doing this full time and not making a dime. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do this and not receive any support of monetization or support.

I told my youtube partner I may have to quit the youtube and go back in to the ******** industry soon if things do not change. No joke. I don’t want to do that, but it’s starting to look like a reality every day. My PO Box has been mostly empty for weeks and hardly anything coming in from paypal.

Actually, this has gone on for over a year and gets worse and worse.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I may have to close down my ministry and do other work if things don’t change soon. So please help in any way you can. I’m getting very worried. I love what I do here, but if I can’t pay my bills, I won’t have internet to do this with or a roof over my head.

So please pray for me and for this ministry.”

Here is another …

“Brother Ray – we have about 2 more months of staying afloat and if something does not give, Jess and I will have to close down our ministry. We don’t know what we are going to do and are horribly concerned.

Why aren’t Christians supporting good ministries like yours and mine? I just don’t get it.

Please keep us in your prayers and we will do so as well with you and yours.”

Several weeks ago, I sent out an email to a number of my friends in the ministry asking “is it just me? Are we doing a horrible job? Where are we missing the target?”

We have been losing support, but also gaining readers in a big way. After a while you tend to take it personally. Am I doing a bad job? Breath stink? Poor spelling? A lot of things run through your mind when the support starts to go down.

I have other emails from several other ministries basically saying the same thing “the majority of Christians no longer care about the small hard-working ministries out there any longer.”

So, the result is that many of these great ministries are having to shut the doors and close down.

Tracye and I were really starting to get back up on our feet, but we got hit with a server hacker attack in October and it has been a very slow recovery.

Back in March 2019 we lost all our data. That is 10+ years of articles and information, all gone.

Talk about being kicked when one is down.

We have over 7000 people who now are getting our emails and when I push my articles out, I figure that I am conservatively getting 80K views, if not more.

Tracye and I have a shortfall of about $900 every month.

I am aware of several ministries who are in the same boat as we are. All of us are out there working hard, sharing the truth and exposing the enemy.

So why is it that there are few Christians willing to support our work?

I mean I get emails all the time from folks saying that they love what we do. In fact, on some of these, I encourage them to please consider becoming a PZ Insider so that we can STAY doing what we are doing.

The answer…. crickets… silence.

So, like my other friend mentioned above, it is super discouraging doing what we know is the right thing to do and exposing the enemy in these last days.

Many Small Ministries Help To Grow People in Their Faith

It is ministries like ours that help people grow further in the faith. The reason is that we tend to “specialize” in topics and can drill down into said topics. This in turn helps the Christian individual grow in the topics and disciplines that the Lord is leading them to grow in.

In the past 2 years since we have been back in the US, I know personally of 7 ministries that have closed their doors. These were really great ministries and all strong watchmen on the wall ministries.

These are ministries that are no longer with us, so not only does the ministry suffer, the people suffer. I know of three occasions where I needed that ministry to help aid another person, but I could not push that person in that direction because the ministry was closed.

Believers Are Called To Help And Be Helped By Each Other

In my email responses that I got, a common theme was that Christians seem to not care anymore or becoming jaded.

When did we lose our ability to show compassion and help others? Yes, the majority of us drop the money in the offering plate and we give our tithe.

But it seems to stop there.

When you are in the ministry like Tracye and I, it is a lot easier placing yourself into the shoes of ministries that are really hurting, because you are somewhat there yourself.

I don’t know where we turned left instead of turning right.

This is the one thing that if I can challenge people in, it would be this.

We need to get back to helping each other again.

Tracye and I tithe almost daily. I give to a dear pastor friend of mine.

At times when I get a nice offering, I try to split up my giving and give to my pastor friend and then I try to give to some of my other ministries that might need a little extra.

We need to start caring about being our brother’s keeper once again.

It seems that many of us (myself included) have hardened our hearts, we need to take the time and ask ourselves why we have allowed it and work at melting and softening our hearts once more.


Believers Are Called To Encourage Each Other To Continue In The Faith

This is another thing that I would challenge those of you who got this far in my article. Let’s work at encouraging each other, especially the small ministries that are out there.

You do not realize how much wind you put in our sails when I get an “atta boy you’re doing a great job” email.

It seems that I get these when I am pretty down and those of you who do send them, they make a world of difference.

There are times that the enemy is really hammering us, I mean really hammering and I will get an encouraging email and at times it brings me to tears.

I often share those with Tracye and they mean a lot to us.

Tracye and I also try to encourage people. I get a lot of emails from people who are hurting out there.

Lots of people contact us via Facebook too and we try to encourage them using that medium as well.

Tracye & I Need Your Help

As I told you earlier, we constantly have about a $900 shortfall every month.

I have taken an outside sales job to try to bring in more, but the negative with sales is that sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down.

We don’t have a buffer because anything extra we have been pouring back into the ministry to get our website up, secure and email running again.

The hacker that took us out last year did a bang-up job and we refuse to give up.

Like many other small ministries, it is the small monthly support that really helps.

I mean $20, so many people allow that to just pass through their fingers without even thinking of it.

Tracye and I believe in what we are doing. We have been reinvesting just about everything to get back on track and put back what the hacker destroyed.

Please join us and become part of our PZ Family.


Monthly ($15.00) –

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If you are already part of our monthly supporters and want to help with a wee bit more, please use the following link to give a one time gift.


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My other books deal with Christian living in the last days as well as preparedness / survival.

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Let’s work hard to reverse some of this jadedness and start reaching out to others as well as the small ministries that are out there doing incredible work but living hand to mouth every month.

Thing is, when these ministries are gone, well they are gone and the body of Christ loses a great resource that is needed in today’s world.

It is up to us, the body of Christ to stand in the gap and help. Tracye and I do it every day.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


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The Pitfalls of Compartmentalizing

By Ray Gano

As many of you know, I come from a security / investigative background. When I research, I conduct it like one would conduct an investigation.

I am one who constantly digs for the truth.

Recently in my investigations of doctrinal ideas, the Christian walk, etc, I have discovered that somewhere along the line we stopped looking at things as a whole and started to compartmentalize.

Some of you may be asking, what is so wrong with this?

In today’s hectic fast paced world, compartmentalizing one’s life helps one deal with so much that is thrown at them. Many of us have learned to live this way for the sake of self-preservation in this crazy world.

The problem is that living a compartmental life is a pitfall.

What is Compartmentalization?

We all know what a compartment is.

It is commonly defined as a space in which that space is then subdivided.

Looking at it another way is to think of your home as a floor plan.

Look at your bedroom. It is a compartment, where you sleep, the kitchen, another compartment, is where you cook and eat, the bathroom is another compartment where you bath and go to the bathroom.

Due to our fast-paced world, we humans have a tendency to compartmentalize things in our life so that we can control them better, deal with the stress and other issues that come with what the world doles out.

In doing this we provide a way that seems “reasonable” to us so that we can then interact with the world.

When we are at our job, we act one way. When we are with friends, we act another way. With family we act another way, etc, etc.

In many cases we have learned to adapt to our environment and then assert certain values, attitudes, beliefs, and language depending upon which compartment we may be in at that time.

And that is the pitfall.

Be Ye Holy

Scripture says…

1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

See maintaining one compartment of our life as “holy” does not render our whole life as holy.
If one compartment of our life is “unholy” then the whole of our life is unholy before God.

Wow Ray, that is hard.

Yes it is. It is something that I believe that all of us deal with, myself included.

The more we compartmentalize the more we lie to ourselves thinking we are doing a great job.

That is the pitfall of compartmentalizing one’s life.

Compartmentalizing creates hypocrisy because in one compartment we live a holy life, yet in another compartment we may live like hell.

When we compartmentalize, we are able to rationalize and justify our actions. That is because we are not living at that moment in the “holy” compartment.

Instead we are living in the “who cares, live like hell” compartment.

Here is a great example of a compartmental life that I think you can relate with.

It is Sunday morning before church. If you have kids, you know exactly where I am going. The morning is hectic, the kids are raising cain, you can’t find your tie, your wife is trying to get dressed, made up, hair done. Kids are fighting over the prize in the cereal box and all this time you need to head out the door.

You get out the door and kids are fighting in the car. You scream at them to shut up, daughter starts crying because you yelled. Wife yells at you because you lost it and by this time you are approaching the church parking lot.

As soon as you pull in, you shift into your “going to church” compartment. You calm down, life is good, push back the frustration, etc etc.

If does not matter that WWIII was taking place in your home 30 minutes earlier. You are now in another compartment and life is good.

This is just an example of the hypocrisy of trying to live a compartmentalized life. One moment you are a complete jerk, another you are that “man of God” that everyone loves.

Add to this the “get drunk on Friday night” compartment, “join the guys from work and go to Hooters” compartment, “swearing like a sailor” compartment, and the list goes on.

Do you see how easy it is to fall into hypocrisy?

Here is the kicker.

I think it is safe to say that when we are completely honest with ourselves, all of us can admit that we live a compartmentalized life in one form or another.

NOW…. If we are living like this, compartmentalizing sin and our Christian walk, what does it make us?


But that is not all and this is why compartmentalizing our lives is a pitfall.

Because we have compartmentalized so much, we have made God’s compartment smaller and smaller.

In fact, we get His compartment so small that after a while we start asking God “why He isn’t in our lives anymore?”

We start questioning Him, and doubting him, etc.

What we forget is that God never left us. We have made His compartment so small that we no longer have any fellowship with Him.

Out of this lack of fellowship with God rises no longer needing God in our lives. We start standing on our own, and “doing it my way.”

Pride moves in, the heart become more and more hardened and we continue to compartmentalize God right out of the picture.

By this time, we get to this point we are fully backslidden and wallowing in the muck and mire of the world.

Getting Back to God

You have been living a compartmental life now for a while. Life is not good. There is that special place in your heart that has a void.

Then it happens.

It is about 3:00 AM in the morning when the world is quiet, and we wake to a still small voice.

It is the Holy Spirit talking to us.

We can do one of two things. Ignore it, which is another form of compartmentalizing.

Or we can pay attention to His still, small, convicting voice and start digging through all those compartments trying to come into fellowship with Him once again.

You are wide awake, and it becomes a moment in your life where you start asking yourself…

“Why did you do this, why did you leave God?”

You then talk to God…

“God, why did I compartmentalize you out of my life? Please forgive me and please let’s have fellowship once again.”

If We Confess Our Sins

It is at that moment that we realize that we have compartmentalized Him out of our lives. It is also at that time when we realize that we need to confess our sins to Him and re-establish that fellowship.

I love 1 John 1, in verses 6- 9 it deals with the pitfalls of compartmentalizing as well as gives us the solution.

Please note my comments in the brackets.

1John 1:6-9 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: — (This is us compartmentalizing, justifying, rationalizing, etc)

7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. — (This is how we are to live)

8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. — (This is the result of us compartmentalizing, justifying, rationalizing, etc)

9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. — (This is the solution to compartmentalizing)

Once we have been forgiven of our sin and cleansed from all unrighteousness, the compartmentalization that we have been putting ourselves through seem to disappear.

That is till we start compartmentalizing again.

How To Not Go Down The Compartmentalizing Path

1 John 1:6-9 gives us a good idea, but there is more that we need to do. Otherwise what happens is that we start living a roller coaster life of sinning like hell, then repenting, then sinning, and then repenting.

Living a miserable life like that is not what the Lord had in store for us.

To stop living this sort of depressing un-victorious life we need to do one thing.

That is to fully submit to God.

We need to submit to Him, His ways and His Word. But we do not like this, we like to rebel.

When we compartmentalize, we start thinking on our own, start standing on our own, start doing things on our own. There is no submission.
We compartmentalize so that we can deal with sin that we want to live in, and the guilt and stress of living in it.

Yes, there are things that we do not want to do. We do things like yelling at the spouse and kids, looking at things you should not be looking at, doing things you should not be doing is all the outcome of compartmentalizing.

The answer is to fully submit to Him and live our lives like an open book before Him and others. It is God, not us, that starts to guide us and direct us. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

What is wonderful is that He takes care of those things that we had to compartmentalize.
Just so you know, we compartmentalized so that we are able to deal with the world as well as the stress and guilt that comes along with that.

Now I am not talking about living a life where you are tempting God. For example not showing up to work and thinking God will magically have all the bills paid and food on the table. We need to live in accordance to His Word.

Depending on Him fully is not living a life looking through rose colored glasses or having your head in the sand.

When we submit to Him fully, we open those doors of fellowship and we come just as we are. The stress and guilt are gone.

How Do We Fellowship?

We need to spend time talking to God. I know that during my day I talk to God often. It is kind of like when I am talking to Tracye. I just talk to Him and let Him know what is going on or I ask for His favor.

For example these past few weeks have been time consuming and I have not been able to write an article. This morning I asked God to help with this and give me an article that would help people. You are reading that answer to prayer right now.

Prayer works.

We need more time in His Word. If you really want to hear the voice of God, read His Word.

When you read the bible, you are literally letting the voice of God into your mind.

I am reminded of Romans 21:2

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
How we are transformed into a person who submits to Him is by the renewing of our mind. We do that by reading His Word so that His Word is in our mind.

The Holy Spirit authored the Scriptures to be read and understood. He delights in making himself known to us through his Word.

Scripture says…

John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Right there is a great promise. That the Holy Spirit will teach us but more than that, He will help us to remember those things that we have read in His Word when the time comes where it is needed.

Have you ever been talking to someone about the Lord and you are able to quote a verse out of the blue and not know where it came from?

That is because at some point you read that in His Word and it became a part of you. The Holy Spirit brought it back to you at that time and place.

Now, if you have not been reading much of your bible, you don’t have much to lean on for the Holy Spirit to help you remember.

This is why reading your bible is vitally important.

We need more time with other bible believing Christians.

Scripture says…

Hebrews 10:25a Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…

We need fellowship with others because if we do not have this, we stagnate. Like a pond that is sitting with no fresh water coming in, it will soon stagnate and become poisonous.

Our Christian walk will do the same if we do not fellowship with others. When we stagnate, we compartmentalize. Then we start that process of justifying, rationalizing, etc etc all over again and God is compartmentalized right out of our lives again.

We need to stop compartmentalizing things in our lives. We need to learn to submit to Him fully. He has our best interest in mind.

We see what happens when we take control, we fail miserably.

Compartmentalizing is a pitfall that sometimes take a long time to come back from.

Submit to Him today and discover His still small voice again.

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.