Facebook Did It To Me – Odds Are, They Are Now Doing It To You

By Ray Gano

As you know, Facebook works at putting me in Facebook jail, deleting my posts, banning me from posting, and stops me from posting in groups.

If they do not like what you write, it seems they get rid of it somehow.

What Facebook is doing to me, odds are very good that they are doing it to you.

What is that? They are censoring you!

They are actually preventing you from your voice be heard. What’s going on? They released a new algorithm this weekend and they are saying that if you have not been active in a group you are being deleted out of these groups.

Now I know several people who have been kicked out of groups and they were active in these groups. I find it very interesting that these people were kicked out for no reason.

I’m finding it very interesting that Christian conservatives / Trump supporters seem to be targeted as well as their groups they might own.

We have several groups that we own, and we have lost probably around 500 people out of the groups that we own.

One of the reasons this is troubling to me and other group owners because this is one of the ways that helps us earn an income.

But since Facebook has pulled 500+ people from our groups, those are eyeballs that are no longer have.

Here is what one group admin said…

“Facebook has decided it wants to have some say in our groups. They have begun kicking people out who do not participate. This is not my choice and I am extremely upset about it. They put the booted people back in the invite list. So what I need you guys to do is respond to the post and participate in group as much as you can if you want to stay. Let’s not let facebook dictate who we can and cannot have in this group. -Admin Sara “

In unrelated news also pertaining to Facebook groups, the company reported on 17 January 2019 that it removed “multiple Pages, groups and accounts originating that engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram.”

So, what is “inauthentic behavior”?

Use our savior’s name in a post, Jesus Christ in a positive promoting way and odds are your post will get deleted because it is “not conforming to Facebook community standards.”

Tracye has been tracking our numbers and it’s interesting to see that we are losing people now on a consistent basis and this did not happen before.

I have not seen any pro liberal Democrat groups voicing concerns or losing people.


One consistent thing that I have seen is Christian Conservative Trump supporters seem to be affected more by this algorithm change vs non-Christian liberal anti-Trump people.

Facebook deletes my posts, prevents me from posting in groups, throws me in Facebook jail and now, it seems they are slowly taking your voice away as well by kicking you out of groups.

I need your input to see if this is true or not. Do me a favor and email me letting me know if you have been kicked out of any Facebook groups without your knowledge. Specifically, groups that you’ve actually been active in.

I am seeing a trend, but I want to know if it really is a trend or what.

Like it or not, my observations do not see some sort of randomness taking place. I am possibly seeing a targeted approach targeting people who are Christian Conservative or Trump supporters

Tracye and I are very upset as well as many other Facebook Group owners.

Is Facebook being fair and eliminating people across the board or are they targeting specific people and specific groups?

That is what I would like to find out.

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