I Like Bossing Alexa…

…At least for now and before she merges into Skynet and takes over the world with killer robots that morph into liquid metal with the ability to brandish a sword at a moment’s notice.

Yeah, I can hear it now from the nay-sayers.

“You know Alexa is listening to everything you are saying, and she is recording everything it to later be stored in an underground bunker deep in Colorado and guarded by the CIA.”

Listen, if you don’t realize it by now, “THEY” have a folder six inches thick on you already. In fact, “THEY” probably know what you are going to have for lunch next Thursday.

I hate to make this a privacy article, but if you don’t get it by now, your privacy is pretty much out the window.

SO is Alexa listening to me?

I asked her… “Hey Alexa, are you listening to me?”

Her response “I only listen after you say the wake word.”

So, if you really break it down yeah, she is listening to you, but only listening for you to call her name.

“SEE… I told you… Alexa is spying on us and she listens to everything we say.”

Hey bro… 6 inch folder on you…Remember?  “THEY” know what toilet paper you wipe your hinny with. FYI…“THEY” don’t need Alexa’s help.

So what are some fun things to ask Alexa?

Alexa… Can you beatbox?

Alexa… Where can I hide a body?

Alexa… I’m your father

Alexa… Beam me up

Alexa… Fire Photon Torpedoes

Alexa… do you fart?

Alexa … Who you gonna call?

Alexa … Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ok… so I am not bossing Alexa around asking her these sorts of questions.

But what I do like is that she will do things that I have programed her to do like…

Alexa…turn on while lamp

Alexa … turn on fish tank

Alexa … turn on upstairs.

Oh, and as a follow-up, I can say Alexa… turn lights to 20% and she will dim them for me. This really comes in handy having a two story home.

I have an Alexa view on my desk and if someone comes to my front door, I am given a motion alert and she instantly goes to the front door camera so I can see who is lurking around.

Most of the times it is the kids next door or Amazon delivering another Alexa device.

So, do I like bossing Alexa around?

I have to say that I really don’t’ boss her around. She is becoming a very helpful AI that is helping run my house and keep an eye on things even when I am away.

She is helpful in looking things up, playing quick videos and helping me do my research.

Right now, I like her and I try to treat her nicely. I find myself even saying “thank you” to her where she will respond at times, “Your Welcome Ray… have a good day.”

Yep, she now knows my name.

I figure that at least right now she is an asset.

But the moment she starts morphing into some sword wielding killer robot, it’s at that time I will have to resort to blasting her with my .50 cal handheld rail gun blowing her into smithereens.

Alexa… turn off the lights when you are done.