If You Only Had 24 Hours, What Would You Do First?

This was an interesting question that was posed to me by one of my mentors.

I have to say that it really gave me pause for thought.

I know that I would want to do something that would mean a lot to those around me and who loved me. I also would not want to go blow a bunch of money on superficial things that will not amount to a hill of beans down the road, or for those I am leaving behind.

So, what would you do?

Me, as I pondered the question, and I have to admit that it was kind of a tough one.

On one side I guess having a time and day of when you pass on as well as the freedom to do what you wish on that day is in my eyes a blessing of sorts.

On the flip side, you know that day and hour you are going to pass on and can really be a bummer, that is if you do not believe in heaven and just being returned to the universe.

I must admit that facing the great unknown is scary, but one of the best books that I have read is titled “ The Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved.”

Here is what Amazon says about the book….

Originally published in 1898, the Dying Testimonies Of Saved And Unsaved were the product of a bold and extensive research project undertaken by the author. Shaw wished to collect and exhibit a range of different words and sentiments delivered by Christians and sinners as they lay close to the threshold of death, to demonstrate how some people die at peace while others die in the throes of fear, anger or sorrow.

Some of the testimonies are derived from illustrious historical figures such as Sir Francis Newport and Cardinal Wosley, whilst others were sourced from ordinary Christians and non-believers on their deathbeds. A common theme throughout the book is the tone and topics undertaken by the terminally ill or expiring believers – in most cases, these testimonies evidence an inner peace and a willingness to join with the Lord in Heaven.

Conversely, those who have committed evil deeds or refused to believe or otherwise assent to the power of God are seen to be prey to various negative emotions. One man, a known local infidel who refused all religious guidance, lets out enraged cries of ‘Hell and damnation!’ repeatedly until he abruptly falls back and perishes.

The 236 testimonies collected in this extensive edition are of varying length; some are brief, consisting only of a few words from the dying person and observations of their condition. Others however are lengthy, with philosophical or spiritual thoughts upon the nature of life and death and the impending departure.

Personally, this book is one of those great books that will help strengthen you. I know that it has me and it has given me some solace it what is to come.

How I Would Spend My Day

1 – Get up in the morning and do the best Core 4 I have ever done and pour my all into it. I will need the power, energy and that a good Core 4 provides.

1a – Enjoy a nice breakfast with a couple eggs, prosciutto ham, melon, as well as some fresh English muffins, wonderful grass-fed butter and some nice berry preserves. All this along with the lovely lady as we sip some incredible Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee from our French coffee press.

2 – Call everyone I care about and tell them that I love them and what an impact they made on my life and spend some quality time with them over the phone.

3 – This may seem silly but go test drive a few of my dream cars like the Lexus LC 500, Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera, McLaren GT, and possibly the Maserati GranTurismo. I say possibly because I have test driven one in the past and really enjoyed the drive. Push that “sport” button and it flies off the line with its naturally aspirated V-8.

Here is an article of the 20 best luxury touring cars. Is there one that stands out in your mind? https://tinyurl.com/Ray-Gano-Touring-Cars

4 – Invite those who are close by over to my place so we can enjoy a wonderful meal together. The meal would consist of really good selection of meats, cheeses and condiments aka Charcuterie.

To get an idea, here is a good article… https://tinyurl.com/Ray-Gano-Meats-Cheese-Wine

4a – While we are enjoying the food, also enjoy some good wines followed up by port and fine scotch. Both helps settle the stomach and are a good match to the charcuterie meal.

4b – As we enjoy the food and libations, talk about days gone by and all the heart felt moments that we all remember as the best-ever moments of our life as we sit by the fireplace enjoying the warmth.

5 – I would make sure that I spent close quality time with my lovely lady letting her know how much I love her and cherish her.

6 – Ensure that I had a legacy to leave behind. Of course this is something that I would work on building prior, but it is a goal that I would like to attain so that I can share a legacy with loved one.

I know that this is a hard topic to talk about, at least it has been for me. Personally I know that I am missing points on what I would do in that 24 hour period and I may keep this article as a work in progress and continue to add to my list and things pop into my head.

What I would like to hear from you is what you would do with your last 24 hours, how would you spend them, who would you share time with, etc?

I really am interested in hearing from you, so please share your thoughts.