Kilted Superpowers

When you are a kiltie, or a male (sometimes female) who wears a kilt, you soon come to realize that there are super powers that are bestowed upon you when you wearing thus said  kilt.

I have said it before, it is kind of like Clark Kent donning the Superman cape.

I am not sure what sort of wizardry that takes place, but wrap it around your waist and buckle those straps and it is like a surge of energy that courses through your body.

OK… now maybe not everyone feels this when the put on their kilt, but I know that I sure do.

Kilted Superpowers

1 – The Power of Magnetism

This is probably the most common superpower that you will notice almost immediately. You step out of your bedroom and your family will look at you in awe. Children and pets act like magnets and are instantly drawn to you. Your wife / girlfriend / fiancé will also have the glimmer in her eye and will often come over and give you a “nice” kiss.

Walk out your door and head to any public establishment like the grocery store or Walmart and you will get all kinds of people coming up to you and telling you how much they love seeing you in your kilt.

2 – The Gift of Gab

Now this can be a good or not so good superpower. When people are pulled to you by the power of the kilt, they want to talk. Often they will tell you that they have some great great uncle’s cousin who is from Scotland and let you know how great they looked in their kilt, or they will tell you about their journey to Scotland.

Another thing is that you will always be asked the same questions…

A – Are you Scottish?

B – Do you play the bagpipes?

C – Are you wearing your kilt the proper way like all Scots do?… AKA Commando.

Now the amazing thing is that when you are wearing your kilt you become a great orator of all things Celtic and you amaze people with your stories of you in your kilt, your families history and your travels to Scotland, that is if you have been or not. If you have not, then you talk about your incredible up coming trip you are planning on taking.

When you are not in your kilt you seem to be a recluse. But the moment you put it on, you are given the power of the gift of gab.

NOTE: be careful with this power, it will often cause you to be late to work, functions and on your way home. So always plan for these delays if you are able.

3 – The Power of “Friend Me”

In today’s hustle and bustle world, social media has become one of the most powerful means to stay in touch with others and reaching out to the world.

Me… I have over 4300 friends on Facebook and growing.


Because I wear the kilt and for some reason people just want to be my friend and get to know me better.

This one happens to me so much that now I carry business cards with the title “Ray Gano – The Scottish Texan.”  I have found it to be much better and faster than having to spell out names and such. This power kind of goes hand in hand with the “Gift of Gab” superpower.

I have found having business cards helps speed up that process of everyone wanting to be your friend.

4 -The Power of Super Self Confidence

This is probably one of the most common superpowers that the kilt bestows. You put it on and your confidence goes up 100% if not more. In fact, it is the direct result of the above super powers that allows your self-confidence to superpower grow like crazy.

Special note here, you will NOT be faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

That is Superman’s gig and let’s let him have those cool things.

For us this power of self-confidence seems to allow us many graces.

For example…

People always want to say hi to you and treat you special. They could be having a horrible day, but you show up in your kilt and you act like a ray of sunshine and they can’t help themselves but reach out to you and greet you. Now, this is a superpower in and of itself, but the result is a boost in confidence.

Long line at the grocery store and you just have a few items? People want you to skip ahead of them, especially the ladies. I really have not figured this one out yet, maybe they like to look at the nice pleats in the kilt or something, I am not sure. Again, this boosts the self-confidence.

I am sure that if you are reading this and wear the kilt, you have a number of side-superpowers that are bestowed upon you due to your heightened state of self-confidence.

These are just some of the most common superpowers that the kilt bestows upon you. I would love to hear about your experiences and what superpowers have you noticed when you put on the kilt.

So please leave a comment and share your superpower insight.

Kilt On!