Our Voices Are Being Silenced – We’ve Got To Fight Back

By Ray Gano

The days that we are living in are amazing. In all honesty I would not choose any other time to live.

Our nation, in fact the world is at a crossroad.

This week I had the great honor to spend about 4 hours on video chat with Mark Sutherland. We were working on his video presentation for “Last Days Warrior Summit – Patriots & Prophecy”

We talked about how there is so much in common with the UK and US. Right now the UK is in a fight against their own people. The people voted to leave the European Union AKA “BREXIT”

The powers that be, their equivalent of congressmen and senators are fighting to stay in. The powers that be want globalism and the people want sovereignty.

We see the same thing happening here in the US and the people’s choice of electing President Trump.

The leftist / socialist / Soros paid conspirators are working overtime to shutdown / shout-down the people’s voice… and they are being successful.

How they are doing this is through “Corporate Totalitarianism.”

If you have not followed what happened to Alex Jones, his internet presence is being stiped away.

Facebook has pulled his page.

Twitter has canceled his account never to return.

Google has buried his search results.

But that is not all.

Conservative actor James Woods had his Twitter account suspended for 30 days.

David Clarke Former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He is a black gentleman who is a frequent conservative commentator seen on Fox News.

British nationalist Tommy Robinson has a permanent ban because spoke out against Muslims and Islamic takeover of Brittan

President Trump has even been suspended due to a rogue employee who works for the social media giant Twitter shutting him down.

Folks, this is real and it has even effected me.

Just a few days ago I learned that Google Adds has suspended my account just one hour after I posted my article “ANTIFA Protests To Shut Down Austin Church

The reason why?

Because I posted “offensive content”

What was the content?

Well, I looked over the article I just posted and the only thing that I could determine was this…

“Last weekend militant LGBTQLMNOP protesters along with the local Antifa cell in Austin gathered in front of Celebration Church, a rather large church in Austin and tried to shut down the service.”

So for me to get my google adds reinstated, I need to remove my article.

I have been demonetized on You Tube – No longer making any income from that. I was pulling in about $150-$300 a month

Google has buried me and 400 other websites. I used to get over 1200 unique views a day. I now get about 120 a day.  This has affected our income greatly as well.

Twitter has a “shadow ban” on me and when I think I am posting to the world, the only one who sees many of my posts is just me, no one else.

Facebook has buried me and now I am lucky if I show up on 25 or more individuals newsfeed any more. I used to get hundreds of likes and comments on my Facebook wall.

Today maybe 10-12 per post if I am lucky to get that many.

The socialist left coupled with “Corporate Totalitarianism” is stifling the voices of conservatives and they are wrenching down the thumb screws in a big way.


Because we have elections coming up and they HATE that the American people voted Donald J Trump in by a landslide.

The globalists are fighting and fighting hard. They are shutting down any voice they can that promotes freedom, the constitution, right to life, pro-Christian, pro-conservative, pro-Trump.

This is why God has allowed us to create and produce The Last Days Warrior Summit.

Check out and be part of this incredible summit

We have some great speakers joining us.

Check out the speaker line up…

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Our voices are being silenced by news outlets and the progressive left-leaning social media leviathan. What are we going to do about it?

What if Christ tarries for many more years? How are we going to prepare?

“Summit noun sum·mit | \ ˈsə-mət -a meeting of some of the highest-level minds focusing on a critical topic.” 

The Last Days Warrior Summit, a premium-members only International event will empower and equip you with the knowledge and tools to answer these questions; what are we going to do about it and how are we going to prepare.

If a conservative news organization put publicly this information that will be available to you at this summit, the liberals would protest, wreak havoc, and attempt to shut down these voices just like they have done to many conservatives already.

BUT…The bigger picture is how does all of this fit within Bible prophecy?

The Last Days Warrior Summit will answer these questions and so much more…

  • You will get the uncensored truth…
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Heck, you may even be that one person which brings about the change that will turn this situation around, leaving a better legacy for our kids and grandkids!

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