What Positive Impact Do YOU Have on The World Around You?

What Positive Impact Do YOU Have on The World Around You?One of my mentors asked me this thought-provoking question and it really threw me for a loop.

I mean, look at how many “Friends” I have on Facebook. (4525+)

Look at how many people are in my Real Men Wear Kilts group (4775+)

And look how many people are in my Learning The Keto Way group (4570+)

But the question that I have for myself is how much of an impact do I have on these people?

What am I doing to help improve their lives and / or am I doing anything at all?

How this conversation came up is when I was asked “how successful are you?”

Money? … bleh

Stuff? … again bleh

But when he asked, “what is your positive impact on others and how many do you help?”  that kind of hit me in the gut.

I honestly could not answer his question.

You look at my Facebook, You Tube, ect and I have some good numbers, but am I truly helping people?

It hit me that I could not answer his question.

I think I am helping folks, but with my change in life and such, I am not sure if I am helping anyone at all.

I continue to write, and I try to bring value to the world, but how much of what I bring is value?

That is a tough one to answer.

People like my articles, my memes that I post and some news pieces that I share.

The folks in my kilt group always say how much they love the group because I create a very positive environment and they love the interaction that takes place.

The folks in my keto group like it that I help them, and they are seeing success in their weight loss journey.

So, I guess I am helping people, but am I creating an impact in their lives?

How many people are better because I came into their lives?

You know, I don’t know.

I hope that I have been a positive influence and had an impact on their lives, but I am not totally sure.

Maybe those of you who are reading this can help me answer this question. How much of a positive impact have I had on your life?

Now I want to ask you the same thing that my mentor asked me, how much of a positive impact do you have on those around you and the world you live in?

See, it is a tough question when you really sit down and think about it.

Me, I figure that I have some impact on people for the mere fact that I have 4500+ people. BUT that in and of itself could be misleading. Just because I have that many friends and such in my groups does not mean I have a personal impact on their lives.

I hope that I do, but I don’t really know.

That is my personal challenge for the next week or so, to see how much of a positive impact I have on people in the world I live in.

I would like to challenge you to the same thing. Learn how much of an impact YOU have on your world.

It is truly one of the major benchmarks to see how successful you are in life.