Put The Freaking Toilet Seat Down – A Follow-Up

Remember my “Stop taking the freaking towels” article I wrote a wee time ago?

Well, here is a follow up suggested by the lovely lady of the house.

It is 2AM and all of a sudden you hear a string of “colorful” words coming from the bathroom.

A few moments later the lady of your life comes back (read stomping) into the room and you hear the words…. “put the freaking toilet seat down, I just fell in!”

You are half asleep when you hear this and you did the wrong thing and that was crack an ever-wee bit of a smile.

The next thing you know is that you are being bludgeoned by a pillow over and over again while more colorful words are being spewed at you as well as hearing the occasional words about toilets, seats and them being put in the down position.

She then crawls back into bed and you feel a hard tug of blankets leaving you only 6 inches or so of blankets.

Do you move to pull more back on to you?

Heck no, that is like inviting WW III to take pace at 2:05AM in your bedroom.

So, you lay there stiff as a board as sleep takes its way with you again, as parts of you freeze as you sleep; while at the same time your dreams are being bombarded by flying toilet seats dive bombing you.

Ask me how I know this?

Yep… you guessed it.

It is the small things in life that you start learning or re-learning as in my case when you have a special lady as a part of your life again.

It is all part of learning that life is a bit of compromise here and a bit of compromise there. Some things you win and some things you submit to and roll with it.

Like the silverware drawer.

Me, I think of functionality and having the silverware close to the table. That is because I am the one doing the cooking.

Where on the other I am not the one doing the dishes, so I do not think of where the silverware goes when one is cleaning up the kitchen.

So do I dig my heels in and say the drawer stays, or do I think about what it means to clean up the mess I made while cooking so that the lovely lady gets a break and makes things easier on her while she is cleaning up after the meal?

My advice…make things easier on the lovely lady doing the dishes. It makes life a little bit more pleasant and she feels more appreciated for letting her do things her way instead of sticking to the rut you have been living in.

It is a whole new adventure of living, toilet seats being down so you don’t hear the dog drinking out of the toilet in the middle of the night, or the lovely lady falling into the toilet at 2AM.

Take it from me, life is good when one thinks of these things.

Hey… I have requested that my towels are not messed with, so I guess it is only fair that the lovely lady asks that I keep the toilet seat down.

This way I avoid being bludgeoned by at pillow in the wee hours of the night.

Yep, you are living the Mhor Life when you make a small concerted efforts for the lovely lady in your life, like putting the toilet seat down so that she does not fall in at 2AM hour at night.