Many have asked that I turn my articles into audio files.

Well, you asked and I listened.

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Ray Gano Audio Sermons

Confronting Maxine Waters’s Mobs – Going Into Sheepdog Mode

Ready To Rebuild The Third Temple

Final Generation – 2018

Choose Joy This Holiday Season

When You Can’t Hang With The Toxic People Any More

Stop Feeding The Demons

Question – I Bind, Rebuke and Cast Out, But It Isn’t Working, The Voices Are Still There & Taking Over

Other Great Sermons

David Wilkerson – Man’s Hour of Darkness is God’s Hour of Power Full Sermon

That Dreadful Day (coming economic collapse) David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson – Reaching the Lost in Uncertain Times Full Sermon

Why The World Hates Christians by David Wilkerson

Examine Yourself (2 Corinthians 13:5 & 1 John) – Paul Washer

A Shocking Youth Message: Matthew 7:13-27 – Paul Washer

The Times of the Gentiles (Daniel) – J.Vernon McGee

Divine Preservation of the Bible – David Cloud

Authority of King James Bible – David Otis Fuller – 1971

Other Special Audio Files

Ray Gano – Standing Against Demonic Rage

Ray Gano Interviews Movie Producer Mark Sutherland

Ray Gano interviews up and coming author Jen Campbell

On the Objective – The Need For Deliverance – Ray Gano

PZTV Ray Gano Interviews Coach Dave

Ray Gano Interviews Josh Tolley

Ray Talks Demons & Fighting the Enemy on Through The Black

Ray Gano Interviews Bill Salus

Ray Gano interviews Derek Gilbert

Ray Gano on Caravan To Midnight – FULL VERSION

On the Objective – Deliverance Is A Lifestyle – Ray Gano

Five in Ten Ray Gano – The Florida Shooter and the Demonic War

Keto Diet with Ray Gano With Christina Peck!

Into The Bunker With Derek Gilbert – The Florida Shooter and the Demonic War


Demon Mind Control Ray Gano on Demonization, Deliverance, Hierarchy of Demons


Bob Cornuke interview on PZ RADIO

Bob Cornuke – Looking For The Real Mt Sinai

Bob Cornuke – Paul’s Shipwreck Discovered

Last Days Warrior Summit Audio

Jamie-Walden-Warrior Up & Get Into The Fight!