So Where Are My Flying Cars?

A critical year has come and gone… 2015.

Why is that?

Because we were supposed to have flying cars and hover boards. At least according to the movie “Back to the Future.”

Did it happen?

Heck no.

I don’t know about you; I was very disappointed that I could not jump in my vehicle and fly down to the 7-11 for a fresh brewed cup of joe.

Do you know how long I have been waiting for that?

Drats and double drats!

Fast forward to today, Nov 1 2019 and you know what?

NO freaking flying cars!

Once again, I have been lied to by the movie industry.

I say that because according to the incredible and supposed “futuristic” movie “Blade Runner” we should have had flying cars.

Well, we should have had horrible air pollution and sucky weather and not to mention killer robots that look just like humans, but who’s counting those things anyways. But dog gone it we were supposed to have flying cars. That what the movie showed, and it took place in November 2019.

Now the one thing that Blade  Runner did get right is Siri / Alexa. You may remember when our hero, played by Harrison Ford entered his home he told his place to turn on the lights.

AND… you know what? I can do that to. “Alexa, turn on the white lamp” and presto changeo, she does it for me. I can also turn on my upstairs lights as well as the lights in my fish tank.

Pretty cool heh?

Now I know that many of you who are my age used to watch the Jetsons, AND what did the Jetsons have?

Yep, you guessed it… flying cars.

So why am I not including the Jetsons in this little “car-less” observation?

It is because the Jetsons have not taken place yet.

Yes, that is correct.

Do you know that the Jetsons take place in the year 2062?

That is forty-three (43) years from our Blade Runner year of 2019.

Just so you know, I will be 101 years old in 2062 and odds are good that I will not be around then to see the flying cars.

NOW… here is the good news. Rolls Royce as well as Austin Martin both are working on VTOL (vertical lift off and landing) vehicles. They are still in the development stages, but these are going to be flying cars.

BUT… being a Rolls or a Austin Martin, I will be priced out of those vehicles when they finally hit the show room floor.

Drats!…. and double drats!

What is the lesson of this story you may ask?

I mean if I can’t trust the movie industry, then who can I trust?

Thank god I have Siri and Alexa.

“Alexa… pour me another cup of joe.”

“Ok”… spoken in her sweet Alexa voice.