Stop Taking The Freaking Towels – Learning To Talk About The Little Things

The time has come and after running some numbers, looking at living situations, etc., my lovely lady and I have decided to merge homes which will help us both in a number of ways both emotionally and economically.

The interesting thing is sharing a home with someone new in your life. You relearn all those little things that get on your nerves as well as things that get in their nerves. Out of this come some form of compromise or sometimes not.

We have been learning this with towels.

Yeah, towels.

Being a foodie and cook most of my life, I like to run a tight kitchen with certain things having their place as well as tools for the trade.

One of those are kitchen / bar towels.

I have to admit that when I cook, I am a whirlwind in the kitchen cooking multiple things all at once and turning out an incredible meal where everything is nice a piping hot. Which is a hard thing to do without over cooking or under cooking the dish.

Because I am such a whirlwind in the kitchen, I tend to make a mess as well as wash my hands a lot. Because of that, I really dislike paper towels. When you wash and wipe up things as much as I do during the day, going through a roll a day gets expensive.

Thus, going to the white kitchen / bar towels that you can pick up at Sam’s at a great price.

Now the one thing I hate is having someone clean up or get in my way as I am cooking and then also take my towels because they might be wet or have a little bit of what ever from wiping up a quick mess.

Did I say how much I hate having my towels disappear on me while I am trying to do something in the kitchen?

Yeah… it really gets on my nerves.

Can you guess what my lovely lady likes to do right behind me while I am in the kitchen?

Yep, you guessed it… she takes my freaking towels thing they are dirty.


She also takes my towels in the bathroom…. Double Grrrrrrr.

This being a new relationship and we are getting used to living with each other, we have both vowed to let the other know when something is getting on their nerves.

Me, I am a pretty laid-back person but mess with my towels and well… I start getting a wee bit testy.

Instead of letting things boil over and keep pushing things down, what we have done is promise each other that we never go to bed angry or when we have something that is getting on our nerves.

I am not used to having this sort of relationship, you know; talking about things that bother us before it grows into a critical mass and we have a nuclear meltdown because my towel disappeared.

I must give my lovely lady total kudos because she does and incredible job of cleaning and organizing when I myself is a disorganized boob most days.

This is a great strength of hers and a major weakness in me. This one of those areas where we complement each other really well. I clean according to the 100,000 foot view and she cleans from the 6 inch view..

How did we solve this dilemma?

We created a rule…

#1 – Before we take it, make sure we replace it.

Now, together our house is nice to live in with everything in its place, including my towels.

This way if my lovely lady thinks my towel is skanky, she can get me a new one first before retiring the dirty one to the laundry heap.

This way when I am cooking or doing something in the kitchen, I always have a towel to dry off my hands or wipe up a minor mess.

So, what is the big take away in all this?

Talk about the little things in your life that may get under your skin right away or at least before you go to sleep at night. Always be honest and appreciate what your loving other is doing and find solutions that both of you can live with, thus making life not only good, but great together.

Oh in being wise in the way of towels, always replace it before you take it.

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