FACT: 98% of all Zombies Wear Long Sleeves – The Goal of Finding the 2%

I was watching my favorite Sunday night zombie show and something struck me as I was watching these walking dead.

What was it you ask?

All the zombies I saw were wearing long sleeves shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. I did not notice any short-sleeved zombies.

After binge watching some of the older shows I started looking specifically for zombies in short sleeve shirts.

Even in some of the zombie hordes all the zombies were wearing some sort of long sleeves.

I became so obsessed with this that even my lovely lady googled it and found out that 98% of all the zombies wear long sleeves because it means less time in the make-up chair and quicker wardrobe changes for the extras.

Now the next amazing thing is that not 60 minutes later, both of us spotted a zombie wearing short sleeves. In fact, it was my lovely lady that spotted it first.

Why is this?

Because both of our brains were keyed into finding that 2%er zombie who was wearing that short sleeve shirt. AND… because we were keyed in on that fact, our brains / subconscious was on high alert looking for / seeking out short sleeved zombies.

Once the short sleeved zombie was spotted, the subconscious sent a message to the conscious and boom… we (my lovely lady) spotted the short sleeved zombie, which was pinned down under a car and one of the hero’s proceeded to stab it in the head thus killing the brain.

But I digress…

What does this have to do with life lessons?

Opportunity is a lot like short sleeved zombies.

Odds are that these short sleeved zombies were popping up in the show, but we never noticed them, that is till we started looking for them. And once we started looking, we started to pay more attention and finally one showed up. In fact, it was so fast that we probably would have missed the short-sleeved zombie if we were not looking for it.

All the zombies I saw were wearing long sleeves shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. I did not notice any short-sleeved zombies. Even in some of the zombie hordes all the zombies were wearing some sort of long sleeves.

I share all this because opportunity works the same way. When you give your brain that  problem to solve (seeking an opportunity) Your brain, with a little help from the universe, that will help you find it.

In fact, the universe has probably presented you many opportunities, much like the show has presented us short sleeved zombies.  You just don’t see them till you are really looking and homed in on finding them.

Where once opportunities / short sleeve zombies were somewhat invisible to you, opportunities are presenting themselves in many different places.

BUT… if you are not looking or in that heightened state of awareness, many opportunities will come, be put right in front of your nose and believe it or not, you will not see them at all.

This is how you brain works and that is how me and my lovely lady spotted the short-sleeved zombie. Our brains were tuned into short sleeved zombies and when it presented itself, we spotted it right away.

Now here is the funny thing, we now are looking for more short sleeved zombies. They are out there, we just have to be aware of them and when they present themselves, we will see them clear as day.

Great opportunities / solutions to problems are out there. What one has to do is decide that they want to find them. Think about that opportunity / solution.

Are you looking for a great side hustle to bring in some extra cash?

Maybe you are looking for that next cake recipe that will win you that blue ribbon at the fair.

Maybe you are looking for that incredible apartment by the coast at a rock bottom price.

All of these and more are out there and believe it or not the universe wants to give these things to you, and often it will.

But because we are not LOOKING for that opportunity / solution, we never see the blessings that the universe wants to bestow upon us.

What we need to do is put our brains to work about finding that opportunity / solution and you will be amazed how fast your brain will present you the solution it has found.

The universe is quick to provide, trust me.

We are just to slow to realize it, kind of like making the observation that 98% of all zombies wear some sort of long sleeves and only 2% don’t.

Here is my challenge to you… hunt down that 2%. Focus hard on it and think about it all the time and the universe will present it to you. You just have to be ready to spot it when it does.

Just like the short-sleeved zombie that are the 2%. They are now easy to spot now that we are looking out for them.

Do me a favor and let me know what opportunities / solutions you are looking for.

OR… have you had the universe bless you and present great opportunities / solutions to you and what were they?



Be Prepared