Putting Together The Puzzle Pieces of Your Life

Your life is like a puzzle, it could be a simple puzzle with maybe 50 – 100 pieces, or it could be one of those 1000+ puzzles with a picture that is just about impossible to figure out.Have you ever tried putting together one of those super hard 1000-piece puzzles?

Have you ever tried to put pieces in where they would not go or force the pieces thinking they were a match but not really?

Your life is like a puzzle, it could be a simple puzzle with maybe 50 – 100 pieces, or it could be one of those 1000+ puzzles with a picture that is just about impossible to figure out.

You know what I have figured out?

That life is a puzzle and that at times we force the wrong pieces into the wrong places and because of that, the picture that the puzzle is making is on the “wonky” side and just not making sense.

You tell yourself that those pieces should fit, but as you continue to work on your puzzle it you realize that the picture is just not looking quite right.

So, what do you do? Break it up and put it together the correct way or keep going with the picture just not looking right.

Take a look at your life. What sort of picture is your life piecing together? Is everything nice and smooth or are there pieces that you have shoved and forced into place and you are finally coming to the realization that as much as you want to tell yourself that the puzzle pieces fit, they picture of your life is saying otherwise.

This is a tough place to be. Believe me I know. I am the phoenix rising from the ashes of my own puzzle of life.

One day you think your puzzle looks great but when you REALLY step back and look at the picture it is making, you come to the conclusion that the picture is not correct.

You could continue with your life puzzle and work around that area, but your life’s picture is not / will not look or feel right.

The reason is that you have now stood back and looked at your life’s puzzle picture.

Do you just continue on and ignore the messed up picture or do you stop, pull out those wrong pieces and try to fix the puzzle?

Did you take the wrong job?

Buy the wrong house or car?

Maybe you are with the wrong person?

Here is some insight, if you do not fix the puzzle the universe will come along and align it properly for you.

Hint – make the changes while you can, allowing the universe to change it for you could turn into a pretty big mess.

This is the tough truth; your puzzle was put together the wrong way.  You might get lucky and find out that the wrong way turned out to be the right way. This will happen every once in a while, and your life’s puzzle picture still turns out nice.

On the flip side you may have to rearrange a few pieces of your puzzle or possible have to totally re-do a section to make it correct again.

But here is a secret to life’s puzzles. Whatever the size of the challenge, remember that mistakes are gifts.

“WHAT?… I have totally messed up puzzle and this is a good thing?”

Yes, it’s true, failure / mistakes are often feared. These sorts of setbacks teach you to get back up again, and that change is the magic potion that causes us to grow and evolve often into something better.

Never be afraid to admit to failure if you realize your life puzzle is not correct.

Push yourself to trust someone again, open your own business or fall in love. Heck do all three and more!

Who knows, you might just be “wonderfully wrong,” and if you are, welcome the opportunity to break apart those pieces of your puzzle, change their direction and put them back in a new way.

Because when you do, you’ll realize that you’re now one step closer to seeing the whole picture and having all the pieces connect the way that the universe intended your puzzle’s picture to form properly.

You have the puzzle pieces in your own hand.

Build your life’s puzzle piece by piece and accept that you may mess up and make mistakes and fail. The key is always getting back up again and not giving up on this incredible puzzle you are putting together.

You know how to put a puzzle together. Look for those “edge pieces” and as you put them all together you form your frame. Then start filling in a section here and there. All of a sudden you are starting to see images as they come together to form the overall picture of your life.

Do you have a vision or picture of how you want to see your life’s picture?

What does your puzzle look like? Is it falling into place, or are you forcing the pieces to fit where they don’t belong?

If it’s the latter, keep trying, keep pushing forward. Allow that still small voice that is in all of us to help give you the answers that (believe it or not) are already inside you.

After a while you will be able to step back and be surprisingly pleased and surprised as each little puzzle piece reveals the beautiful picture your life’s puzzle has created.

I would like to hear how your life’s puzzle is coming together. If you are having some problems, reach out to me and let’s see what we can do to make the pieces fit.

Enjoy the journey and have fun at putting the puzzle together.