The Walking Dead – They Can’t Shoot Worth A Darn – A Prepper’s Observation

If you have been reading some of my past musings you know that have been indulging in a show called The Walking Dead.

One has to love Netflix vs Amazon. Amazon wants to charge you for all the series, where Netflix, they are all free up to season 9. FYI… the current season is season 10 so you are good to go.

If you have been with me for a few years, you know that I am also a prepper and write a lot about weapons, knives and guns.

One of the things that I pride myself on is that I am a pretty decent shot and retain muscle memory pretty well. My knife work is ok, and I have to admit it is a wee bit rusty, but I will still do a quick flick open my knife several times a day as well as a one handed close… but I digress.

I have been watching season eight and going into season nine where we are dealing with Negan and his crew of bad boys. When ever there is a run in, there is a lot of shooting taking place.

In fact, Rick even plans a big ol drive up and ambush the “saviors” with a huge gun battle.

You know, there are a lot of bullets flying around but no body is getting hit.

What the heck?

Think about it for a moment. Everyone on planet earth is either trying to survive the apocalypse or walking around as the living dead. If one is part of the first group, well I would think that picking off zombies would make you a pretty good shot, at least by season 9 for goodness sake.

But I can’t believe that …

1 – no one is hitting anyone

2 – reloading… with all those bullets, no one is reloading

3 – pray and spray… with bullets at a premium during the apocalypse you would think that one shot one kill would be in play, but nope… spray and pray.

I mean this is almost like watching the very first Star Wars movie where every single stormtrooper shooting at Han, Luke and Princess Lea could at least shoot. But nope, spray and pray, even in the future of space travel and heavy breathing villains no one can fire a blaster worth a darn.

NOW… here is another observation.

When Rick and crew are out in the woods and running across the zombies, well dog gone it, they can pop those guys right in the ol’ head and knock them clean out of the game.

SO… if they can do a “one shot one kill” with the zombies, why is it that they can’t hit some bad guy to literally save their life?

I challenge you to watch this and see if you are seeing the same thing that I am.

Put a zombie out there and everyone is shooting like Jesse James, but heaven forbid a whole slew of people with machine guns all firing at Negan who only has his trusted baseball bat Lucile and not one person… including Rick, can’t even hit this guy and he is what, maybe 50 yards at least from all of them?

You watch for yourself and let me know…

Here is another vid of a shootout from another angle –

Ok, not really a TWD shootout, but a great shoot-out nevertheless.

So, what is your take?

Why is it that in one minute all these guys are gun slingers that can shoot a fly in the middle of a zombie head and the next minute can’t shoot the broad side of a barn? That is unless it has a boat load of windows, which Rick’s crew did a bang up job on.

Yesiree bob, not one window left in Negan’s hide out is left. Negan and crew don’t have a scratch or bullet wound, but those windows… they are toast.

I would also like to hear your feedback on what gives as to where they get all those bullets from. Especially since Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods are not selling ammo any more.

AND NOW… there are these folks wearing zombie masks and whispering a lot.

What gives?

Got to get back to Netflix… cheers ya’ll !