WARNING: What Every Patriotic American Needs to Know About The Loss of Our Freedoms!

We lost the house to the Socialist Democrats. I personally believe that they stole, rigged and cheated their way to this victory.

This puts them in the position to bring America down and we have got to do something.

What is YOUR Part?

You have got to help educate those around you.

The Dems are going to lie, cheat and steal their way to gaining more and more power. You know that and I know that.

They their accomplices the Main Stream Media. WHICH Fox News proved that they were now part of the bottom feeders by announcing the Dems won the house 2 hours after the polls closed in New York.

They also have the social media giants who are clearly censoring Christian conservative voices.

IN FACT, Spreaker & You Tube DEMANDED that the owner of Fringe Radio Network pull a certain 17 videos that Laura Maxwell produced talking about Halloween and the Luciferian agenda towards a one world government. She must have exposed the soft white underbelly of the Illuminati plan in these videos. The powers that be threatened the owner of FRN that if he did not act, the entire network (10 years of work) would be pulled down.

All three of these factions are working against Christian Conservatives and stifling our voices.

This is why we need to educate ourselves so that not only do we KNOW what is going on, but HOW it is going on and then be able to articulate to others.

So how do you do that? You become part of our Last Days Warrior Summit where we have over 26+ hours of video teaching from some of the best teachers out there today.

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BUT more than that, we were able to get Laura Maxwell’s 17 banned videos and have uploaded it to our CENSORED VIDEOS area at our Last Days Warrior Summit.

There is something there that the Luciferians fear. There is some sort of knowledge or Laura uncovered something that the powers that be do not want you and me to know. We have preserved these videos and they are now up on Last Days Warrior Summit.

Join us now at be part of Last Days Warrior and make a stand against the enemy.


To give you an idea, here is Justus Knight teaching…

Get access to this incredible list of speakers and their messages. It is critical to stand for what is right and stop these liberal socialist & communists from taking more of our freedoms away.

If you have any questions, contact me at ray.gano@raygano.com