Wear A Kilt – Make Someone’s Day

Wear A Kilt – Make Someone’s DayMy lovely lass and I were walking through Walmart the other day and something very interesting happened.

Here we were in the hardware section picking out dry wall screws and anchors when all of a sudden, a woman shouted, “Oh my god… a man in a kilt… you just made my day.”

I turned around and smiled at her and told her that I was glad and asked why I made her day.

She proceeded to tell us all the ugly stuff that was going on. Not only was she having a really hard day, she was having a hell of a week.

Cynthia thinking quickly asked the lass if she would mind being on video telling the world why some guy in a kilt made her day.

You can see that video here… WATCH NOW

NOW… the interesting thing is that we then went to Hobby Lobby and was walking around in there and a woman jumped out of the isle and said “ Now that is what I like seeing, a man in a kilt… you just made my day!”

After talking to her for a while we learned that she lived in Scotland for a long time, her mother made kilts and she was one a Scottish dancer and her name was Katherine.

We chatted with her for some time as she shared her adventures living in Scotland and how she missed it so much. In fact, she and her family just returned from a trip. We got on the topic of Scotch whiskey and she invited us to come over and partake in a wee dram or two. Look for some articles and videos when we go visit her and their ranch down the road.

Yes, we got some video of me and Katherine talking… WATCH NOW …. And THIS ONE

After these two experiences, I shared with Cynthia how good it felt bringing some joy into these women’s lives.

But the interesting thing that I was questioning is this… how does a man in a kilt make someone’s day?

Both women seem to have been having some stress in their lives and upon seeing me in my kilt, was something like a light shining down from heaven and pouring goodness and warmth upon them.

And all from me wearing a kilt.

Really, I did not get it.

Cynthia and I were discussing how it is not an everyday occurrence where you see a nice-looking man wearing a kilt and traipsing around Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

And when you do see a man in a kilt, that person seems to bring a smile to your face and a warmness to your heart.

Again, I was not getting it.

Then, after some thinking a picture seemed to pop into my head when I was a wee boy and we were on a family trip to Disneyland.

While we were walking around, we turned some cornet and poof… there was Mickey Mouse standing there.

My heart jumped with glee and I could not believe my eyes. Standing there was Mickey!

I had to go up to Mickey and he bent down and shook my hand and then gave me a hug.

It was like all the worries in the world were gone, I got to see Mickey Mouse and life was good. I am not sure how much stress a kid of 6 years old could have back then, but I still remember this event like it was yesterday, meeting Mickey Mouse for the very first time.

I share that because on some level, I guess that is what I did for these women. Here I am and out of the blue I pop up wearing a kilt.

Upon seeing me an instant smile comes to the face and for a few moments the stresses of the world disappear as if by magic. Both these women felt really great, life was good and why shouldn’t be with an incredibly handsome man in a kilt just a few feet from them.

It was then that I realized yet another superpower that the kilt bestows upon its wearer. The power of cheer and goodwill.

Listen, it isn’t just women either. I had an elderly gentleman and his wife make a b-line straight for me in Kroger’s and just wanted to shake my hand and tell me how much he appreciated seeing me in my kilt. Cheer and goodwill and it just happens, BOOM…just like that.

It is an interesting power, but now that I think back on other situations where I have had the same effect on people, it is true, the kilt produces an aura of cheer and goodwill in a world where so much stress and yuckiness are taking place.

So, I encourage all you men out there. Really look at how you can change your world and influence so many around you by just wearing a kilt.

Those of you who wear it regularly, do you have any stories of this interesting superpower being bestowed upon you as well?

If so, I would love to hear about it. You can email me at ray@raygano.net and share your experience with me.

Till the next time… KILT ON!

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