You Can’t Do That…

As many of you know, I am starting life over again… at age 58.

Seems pretty wild to be doing this at my age, but then again, why not now?

I have been locked into a marriage that I was not happy in for a very long time and I finally said, “no more” and pulled the rip cord.

What some of you may or may not know is that in my other life, I was a popular blogger in the arena that I chose to write in. I have a lot of You Tube videos, podcasts and articles. I used to make really good money at it too. But that was then, and this is now.

What is strange about the now is that I have a number of people telling me.. “oh you can’t do that again.”   You are to old, you lost all your readers, your website, no one wants to hear from you anymore and you are just a pariah.

Yeah… and?

Thing about work is it is just that, work. When you work for yourself you have to have discipline, get up every day and put that nose to the grindstone. If you don’t, you don’t make your bills and not making your bills in “No Bueno.” (“No good” in Spanish)

I ask myself, WHY can’t I do that again?

I have been blogging now since 2005 and if I have been doing it this long, I guess I know what I am doing to survive this long working the internet.

The key is getting your rear end up and out of bed and starting the day off productively.

In some of my articles you know that I have a morning routine called “Core 4.”

What this entails is 4 – 15-minute blocks focusing on Body, Being, Balance, & Business.

For 15 minutes I focus on my body and do a short work out and drink a bullet proof coffee.

I then do a 10 minutes in a guided meditation using a GREAT website called “Headspace” – and then spend 5 minutes writing in my journal. Today, I am writing this because that is what popped into my mind to “journal” about.

Then I take time to listen to a motivational podcast or video, this covers my business and finally, I spend 15 minutes sending out words of affirmation to many of the people I care about and love.

In taking the time to do this for myself, I am powered up to start attacking the day and making the most of what I can make of it. It truly is an amazing feeling to accomplish so much in just one hour. This accomplishment seems to give you power to then push through and attack the rest of your day.

I truly enjoy doing my Core 4 and days that I am not able to get to it early in the morning, I find that my efforts are lack luster. I am still doing what I need to do, but there is this energy that I am missing.

SO… Can I Do It?

Heck yeah!

I can do anything that I put the most powerful machine in the universe into action, that is my mind. By starting my day off on the right foot, doing my C4 and having a great attitude, I can pretty much do anything I put my mind to and achieve a victory even when possibly I do not finish what I started that day, I will get up tomorrow and continue to work and push hard at what I need to do so that I can get it done and show those around me that you can’t keep a good man down.

I can do this, I can recreate what I have lost and I will show all those who say I can’t, that I will in fact do it and do it even better.

If you have any questions about my morning routine, please feel free to contact me at